Banner image showing child pulling his own luggage at London Gatwick Banner image showing child pulling his own luggage at London Gatwick

Travelling with children

We're proud to be the first Family Friendly-accredited airport and do everything we can to get your trip off to a smooth start

Enjoy a stress-free trip with London Gatwick

From family security lanes to kids zones, we take a number of steps to help you and your family board your flight as ​easily ​as possible.

  • Family friendly parking options
  • Security lanes for those with young children
  • Bottle warming services
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Kids zones
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Dedicated family security lanes

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Kids zones in both terminals

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Baby changing and nursing

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Family friendly restaurants

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Personal device charging points

Going through security 

We’ve created dedicated Special Assistance and family lanes in security for departing families. If you​ a​re travelling with young children in pushchairs, our dedicated lanes will give your family extra time and help to get through security. ​Just ​follow the signs for the Special Assistance and family lanes after you've checked in. 

When going through security, we ​have to still have to ​scan all items, including ​kids’​​ ​toys. We know it can be upsetting for children to be parted from their ​belonging​, but if they’re told in advance, it can​ help to​ prepare them for what is going to happen. Reassure them that there’s nothing to worry about, we often hear that Teddies enjoy their adventures through the scanning machines.

Gatwick parking options

We offer a range of ​safe and flexible ​parking options ​to suit all budgets, with o​ur car parks being the closest to the terminals​. Our Valet parking in particular is perfect for families​. Simply​​ ​drop your car​ off​ with one of our valet staff when you arrive​ and when you return,​ ​t​hey​ wi​ll have your car ready and waiting for you.​

​​If you choose to use ​our ​long-stay car parks, look out for our ​Family Friendly bays​. You can find these​ next to the bus stops​ to help make your journey to our terminals as smooth as possible​.

Image showing passenger handing car key to Valet Parking team member at London Gatwick
Food, drink, facilities and entertainment

With firm family favourites like Nando's and Shake Shack to, Lego and Hamleys, we've got a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops for you to enjoy before boarding your flight.

Most of our restaurants also offer kids menus and highchairs for younger diners, making it easy for the whole family to sit back and fill up before boarding. They also have charging points located by seating areas to keep those all important tablets powered up.

Baby milk and food

You may carry enough baby milk or baby food in your hand luggage to last you for your full journey, but you should pack the rest into your checked-in ​luggage​. All of our restaurants across both terminals will also warm up baby bottles for you before your flight.

You can pre-order up to two tubs of baby milk directly on the Boots website so it’s ready to collect from our Boots stores in both terminals after security. Orders should be made no later than seven working days​ before​ your flight to ​ensure it arrives in time​. Even if you don’t order in advance, you will usually still be able to buy it in store on the day. Boots also supplies other baby and toddler essentials including nappies, baby food and wipes. The Well Pharmacy in North Terminal, after security also has similar essentials available for families.

Baby changing facilities

We have specially equipped rooms for feeding and changing babies located throughout the airport including in check-in areas, the routes to gate rooms, transfer areas and after passport control in arrivals. These are clearly signposted by a babycare symbol. There are also fold-down tables provided in some male and female toilets. 

Kids zones

We’ve created the ideal areas to keep your little ones entertained while​st​ you wait in the departure lounge. Our Kids zones in​ the​ South and North Terminal​s​ provide a separate area for the kids to play and interact with fun educational elements. It's free of charge to use and makes it much easier to keep your little one's boredom at bay before jetting off.

Image showing child enjoying time in airport
Tips for travelling with children

Here are some of our top tips to make sure you all have the best possible trip through London Gatwick:

  • Go with their sense of adventure: Treat the journey as an exciting adventure to help with any pre-flight nerves
  • Arrange for fun activities: Pack crayons, books, or toys in their luggage for endless entertainment, but be sure to hold back a few surprises for the plane ride itself
  • Take the essentials on-board: Have an emergency bag with essentials like wet wipes, tissues, spare clothes, and a sealable plastic bag close to hand
  • Well-organized documents: Scan and email important documents like passports, tickets, and travel insurance for easy access and replacements if needed
  • Include extra time in your plans: Arrive at the airport early to explore and avoid rushing
  • Check our security advice: Review our security advice page for additional information on travelling with childrens toys, medicines and prescriptions
  • Keep calm and enjoy: Make the journey enjoyable by staying as calm and positive as possible throughout the trip