Banner image showing passengers walking towards London Gatwick Banner image showing passengers walking towards London Gatwick

Cycling and walking

London Gatwick has ​​better cycle accessibility than other London airports with a national cycle route running through the airport

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Ample cycling and walking routes

London Gatwick welcomes cyclists. The​ National Cycle Route 21 (NCR 21) passing directly through the South Terminal and great onward connections to ​the ​North Terminal. There are also loads of great walking routes around the airport, ​a perfect​ ​way ​to get those steps in before or after your flight.

If cycling to the airport please ensure that all cycles are left in​ the​ designated locations.

Image showing people walking to or from London Gatwick

Cycling to and from London Gatwick

The​ National Cycle Route 21 (NCR 21) goes right past the South Terminal and the transit to ​the ​North Terminal. The route runs from Greenwich in London, through Horley and Crawley where it meets NCR 20, to Groombridge, Eastbourne and Pevensey. 

From the NCR 21, please use the cycle lift underneath the South Terminal to access Departures. The train station is also located in the South Terminal with easy onwards access to the North Terminal via the free ​shuttle service​. 

If you are planning on catching the train to or from London Gatwick, ​please ​bear in mind that only fold-away bikes are allowed at peak times and no bicycles can be taken on rail replacement bus services.

In the South Terminal, cycle parking is available on the southbound side of the A23, next to the NCR21. On the ​N​orthbound side of the A23, more cycle parking is available next to the terminal building. There's also cycle parking next to the train line, under the terminal building directly off ​the ​NCR21. 

In ​the ​North Terminal, cycle parking is available on the forecourt under the shuttle entrance.

Image showing person cycling

Walking to and from, or around London Gatwick

You might be surprised to know that there are a number of walking routes to and from London Gatwick from surrounding towns. There is also plenty of interesting spaces and greenery to explore if you have some time ahead of your flight or onward connection, we even have our own lake.

Below are some walking route maps to show you how to get around London Gatwick on foot or by bicycle that pinpoint key landmarks.