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Helping you with a range of services

Located in the North (by check-in Zone D) and the South Terminal (by check-in Zone J),​ your Service Centre, in partnership with Skybreak, offers a range of services to help you at the airport and beyond. 

From missed flights to hotel reservations, they are on hand to support you on your journey.

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Flight details and reservations

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Hotel information and bookings

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Onward travel advice and information

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Taxi enquiries and bookings

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General travel support and advice

How Your Service Centre can support you

Missed flights and flight reservations 

There​’​s nothing worse than missing your flight and not knowing where to turn. ​If this happens, make sure to go straight to the Service Centre so we can give you the help that you need. The highly-trained team ​provide an exclusive booking service to get you back on track and ensure you reach your destination. Whether it’s a scheduled, charter or low-cost flight, our aim is to ensure you continue your journey through London Gatwick as smoothly as possible. 


The team at Your Service Centre has exclusive, negotiated rates at hotels within London Gatwick, around the UK and overseas​.​​ Irrespective of your budget,​ we can assist you in your search for accommodation. 

Onward transport 

Whether you​ a​re transferring through London Gatwick or continuing your journey home, Your Service Centre can ensure you reach your destination in the best possible time. Our team of travel experts will look for the best solution​ for you. This includes local and national train services, coaches, and private taxis.​​​​​ ​We will explore all the available options and help you to find the most suitable one.​ 

Travel information and advice 

Whether you need advice or ​have​​ ​a general airport question, the team at Your Service Centre are there to help​ you​. ​No matter what your query or concern is, come and speak to us. We are more than happy to help.​