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20 April 2014
British Airways 10:45 Bordeaux BA2787 ESTIMATED 08:30 North  
easyJet 21:35 Amsterdam EZY8882 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Ryanair 21:35 Cork FR9852 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Ukraine International Airlines 21:35 Kiev PS113 BAGS DELIVERED South  
British Airways 21:45 Catania BA2595 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 21:50 Edinburgh EZY812 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 21:50 Madrid EZY5480 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Monarch 21:55 Barcelona ZB275 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Monarch 21:55 Faro ZB217 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Thomson Airways 22:00 Sharm El Sheikh TOM541 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:05 Berlin EZY5416 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:05 Copenhagen EZY5370 BAGS DELIVERED South  
British Airways 22:05 Dublin BA5848 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Aer Lingus 22:05 Dublin EI248 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Monarch 22:05 Malaga ZB743 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:05 Zurich EZY5118 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:10 Basel EZY8438 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 22:10 Geneva BA2741 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:10 Marseille EZY5328 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:15 Geneva EZY8485 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:20 Cologne EZY5378 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:20 Newcastle EZY822 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Thomson Airways 22:20 Tenerife TOM4745 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:25 Bordeaux EZY5016 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Monarch 22:25 Kittila MON4219 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Thomas Cook 22:25 Tenerife TCX1385 BAGS DELIVERED South  
British Airways 22:35 Arrecife BA2733 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 22:35 Bordeaux BA2789 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 22:35 Marrakech BA2667 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:35 Milan-Malpensa EZY5300 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:35 Valencia EZY5226 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:35 Vienna EZY5360 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:45 Glasgow EZY896 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:45 Toulouse EZY5340 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:45 Venice EZY5270 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:50 Aberdeen EZY874 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:50 Munich EZY5386 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:50 Nice EZY8360 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:50 Pisa EZY5236 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 22:50 Rome EZY5260 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Thomson Airways 22:55 Arrecife TOM4767 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 22:55 Malaga BA2717 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:55 Moscow EZY8404 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 22:55 Prague EZY5498 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 23:00 Madrid EZY5482 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 23:05 Faro EZY8926 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Norwegian 23:05 Gothenburg DY2461 BAGS DELIVERED South  
Norwegian 23:05 Oslo DY2809 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 23:10 Barcelona EZY8580 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Thomson Airways 23:10 Preveza TOM4771 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 23:15 Belfast EZY844 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 23:15 Edinburgh EZY814 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 23:15 Marrakech EZY8896 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 23:15 Palma Mallorca EZY8632 DUE Monday 00:56 North  
Monarch 23:20 Antalya ZB205 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 23:25 Lisbon EZY8720 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 23:25 Pisa BA2603 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Norwegian 23:30 Gran Canaria DY5292 BAGS DELIVERED South  
British Airways 23:35 Barcelona BA2711 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 23:40 Larnaca BA2673 LANDED 00:24 North  
Norwegian 23:40 Rome DY2501 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 23:45 Sharm El Sheikh EZY8854 BAGS DELIVERED North  
Norwegian 23:50 Stockholm DY2859 BAGS DELIVERED South  
easyJet 23:55 Athens EZY5088 BAGGAGE IN HALL South  
British Airways 23:55 Malta BA2645 EXPECTED 00:28 North  
21 April 2014
easyJet 00:05 Malaga EZY8614 BAGS DELIVERED North  
American Airlines 00:10 Venice AA6384 BAGS DELIVERED North  
British Airways 00:10 Venice BA2589 BAGS DELIVERED North  
easyJet 00:15 Amman EZY8910 EXPECTED 00:53 South  
American Airlines 00:20 Naples AA6237 LANDED 00:01 North  
British Airways 00:20 Naples BA2609 LANDED 00:01 North  
Thomas Cook 00:25 Antalya TCX1629 BAGGAGE IN HALL South  
Thomson Airways 00:25 Paphos TOM4775 LANDED 00:17 North  
easyJet 00:50 Faro EZY8930 LANDED 00:11 North  
British Airways 00:55 Paphos BA2665 EXPECTED 00:46 North  
Thomas Cook 00:55 Sharm El Sheikh TCX1589 EXPECTED 00:43 South  
British Airways 01:15 Alicante BA2635 EXPECTED 01:05 North  
easyJet 01:15 Paphos EZY5456 South  
easyJet 01:20 Palma Mallorca EZY8636 EXPECTED 01:25 North  
easyJet 01:25 Malaga EZY8616 EXPECTED 01:39 North  
easyJet 01:30 Alicante EZY8672 EXPECTED 01:33 South  
Thomson Airways 01:30 Larnaca TOM4763 EXPECTED 01:45 North  
easyJet 01:35 Larnaca EZY8968 North  
British Airways 01:40 Malaga BA2723 EXPECTED 01:29 North  
Monarch 01:45 Paphos ZB787 EXPECTED 01:35 South  
easyJet 01:50 Arrecife EZY8684 EXPECTED 01:22 North  
Thomson Airways 01:50 Sharm El Sheikh TOM859 EXPECTED 02:10 North  
Monarch 01:55 Sharm El Sheikh ZB249 EXPECTED 02:01 South  
easyJet 02:00 Tenerife EZY8710 North  
Thomas Cook 04:00 Antalya TCX1733 ESTIMATED 04:00 South  
Air China 05:50 Beijing CA851 EXPECTED 05:58 North  
Virgin Atlantic 05:50 Bridgetown VS030 EXPECTED 05:39 South  
Virgin Atlantic 05:55 St Lucia VS032 EXPECTED 06:08 South  
British Airways 06:20 Bridgetown BA2154 EXPECTED 06:06 North  
American Airlines 06:50 Orlando AA6205 EXPECTED 06:42 North  
British Airways 06:50 Orlando BA2036 EXPECTED 06:42 North  
Iberia 06:50 Orlando IB4678 EXPECTED 06:42 North  
British Airways 06:55 Bermuda BA2232 EXPECTED 07:02 North  
Gambia Bird 07:00 Banjul VIA Freetown 3G2740 South  
easyJet 07:20 Amsterdam EZY8868 North  
Thomson Airways 07:20 Bridgetown TOM061 EXPECTED 07:08 North  
Emirates 07:20 Dubai EK011 EXPECTED 07:12 North  
Qantas 07:20 Dubai QF8011 EXPECTED 07:12 North  
easyJet 07:20 Paris CdG EZY8324 North  
Delta Air Lines 07:25 Orlando DL4409 EXPECTED 07:35 South  
Virgin Atlantic 07:25 Orlando VS028 EXPECTED 07:35 South  
easyJet EZS 07:30 Basel EZS8430 North  
Thomas Cook 07:30 Cancun TCX243 EXPECTED 07:10 South  
easyJet EZS 07:30 Geneva EZS8463 North  
American Airlines 07:35 Tampa AA6209 EXPECTED 07:27 North  
British Airways 07:35 Tampa BA2166 EXPECTED 07:27 North  
Iberia 07:35 Tampa IB4682 EXPECTED 07:27 North  
easyJet 07:40 Belfast EZY830 North  
easyJet 07:40 Hamburg EZY5342 South  
easyJet 07:40 Lyon EZY8416 North  
Iberia 07:50 Barcelona IB5652 North  
Vueling 07:50 Barcelona VY7822 North  
easyJet 07:50 Edinburgh EZY802 North  
Thomson Airways 07:55 Cancun TOM023 EXPECTED 08:46 North  
Aurigny 07:55 Guernsey GR600 South  
easyJet 08:00 Copenhagen EZY5364 South  
British Airways 08:00 Jersey BA2767 ESTIMATED 07:59 North  
British Airways 08:00 Nice BA2621 ESTIMATED 07:49 North  
Aer Lingus 08:10 Belfast City EI020 South  
easyJet 08:10 Berlin EZY5408 South  
easyJet 08:10 Toulouse EZY5332 South  
Norwegian 08:15 Copenhagen DY3510 South  
American Airlines 08:15 Glasgow AA6249 ESTIMATED 08:13 North  
AirBerlin 08:15 Glasgow AB5171 ESTIMATED 08:13 North  
British Airways 08:15 Glasgow BA2953 ESTIMATED 08:13 North  
easyJet 08:15 Inverness EZY862 North  
easyJet 08:25 Madrid EZY5474 South  
easyJet 08:25 Milan-Malpensa EZY5290 South  
easyJet 08:30 Glasgow EZY882 North  
easyJet 08:30 Newcastle EZY820 North  
British Airways 08:35 Kingston BA2262 EXPECTED 08:35 North  
easyJet 08:35 Rome EZY5252 South  
easyJet 08:40 Barcelona EZY8570 North  
British Airways 08:40 Dublin BA5830 South  
Aer Lingus 08:40 Dublin EI230 South  
Norwegian 08:40 Oslo DY2801 South  
Norwegian 08:40 Stockholm DY2849 South  
Delta Air Lines 08:45 Orlando DL4397 ESTIMATED 08:45 South  
Virgin Atlantic 08:45 Orlando VS016 ESTIMATED 08:45 South  
British Airways 08:50 Newquay BA6171 South  
Flybe 08:50 Newquay BE801 South  
British Airways 08:50 St Lucia VIA Port of Spain BA2158 ESTIMATED 08:47 North  
easyJet 09:05 Amsterdam EZY8870 North  
Ryanair 09:05 Dublin FR112 South  
American Airlines 09:05 Edinburgh AA6246 ESTIMATED 09:03 North  
AirBerlin 09:05 Edinburgh AB5137 ESTIMATED 09:03 North  
British Airways 09:05 Edinburgh BA2931 ESTIMATED 09:03 North  
Turkish Airlines 09:05 Istanbul TK1981 North  
Norwegian 09:10 Helsinki DY5816 South  
Air Europa 09:10 Madrid UX1013 South  
Norwegian 09:10 Malaga DY5580 South  
easyJet 09:15 Jersey EZY846 North  
British Airways 09:20 Cancun BA2202 EXPECTED 09:17 North  
American Airlines 09:20 Orlando AA6201 ESTIMATED 09:20 North  
British Airways 09:20 Orlando BA2038 ESTIMATED 09:20 North  
easyJet 09:25 Dusseldorf EZY8594 North  
Aurigny 09:25 Guernsey GR602 South  
easyJet 09:25 Lisbon EZY8716 North  
British Airways 09:25 Punta Cana VIA Antigua BA2156 ESTIMATED 09:20 North  
Virgin Atlantic 09:45 Montego Bay VS066 ESTIMATED 09:45 South  
AirBerlin 09:50 Jersey AB5212 ESTIMATED 09:54 North  
British Airways 09:50 Jersey BA2769 ESTIMATED 09:54 North  
easyJet 09:55 Edinburgh EZY804 North  
easyJet 10:05 Brussels EZY8518 North  
easyJet 10:10 Geneva EZY8465 North  
Air Baltic 10:10 Riga BT651 South  
Norwegian 10:15 Bergen DY1316 South  
British Airways 10:15 Dublin BA5832 South  
Aer Lingus 10:15 Dublin EI232 South  
easyJet 10:20 Cologne EZY5376 South  
Delta Air Lines 10:30 Las Vegas DL4395 ESTIMATED 13:45 South  
Virgin Atlantic 10:30 Las Vegas VS044 ESTIMATED 13:45 South  
American Airlines 10:35 Edinburgh AA6248 ESTIMATED 10:38 North  
AirBerlin 10:35 Edinburgh AB5139 ESTIMATED 10:38 North  
British Airways 10:35 Edinburgh BA2937 ESTIMATED 10:38 North  
easyJet 10:35 Munich EZY5382 South  
easyJet 10:35 Nice EZY8350 North  
American Airlines 10:45 Glasgow AA6251 ESTIMATED 10:48 North  
AirBerlin 10:45 Glasgow AB5173 ESTIMATED 10:48 North  
British Airways 10:45 Glasgow BA2957 ESTIMATED 10:48 North  
easyJet 10:50 Belfast EZY832 North  
AirBerlin 10:50 Jersey AB5214 ESTIMATED 10:54 North  
British Airways 10:50 Jersey BA2771 ESTIMATED 10:54 North  
WOW Air 10:50 Reykjavik WW201 South  
Air Malta 10:55 Malta KM116 South  
Afriqiyah Airways 10:55 Tripoli 8U912 South  
American Airlines 11:00 Amsterdam AA6253 ESTIMATED 11:00 North  
British Airways 11:00 Amsterdam BA2759 ESTIMATED 11:00 North  
TAP Air Portugal 11:00 Porto TP334 South  
easyJet 11:00 Zurich EZY5114 South  
easyJet 11:05 Palma Mallorca EZY8622 North  
easyJet 11:10 Amsterdam EZY8872 North  
easyJet 11:15 Berlin EZY5410 South  
Aurigny 11:15 Guernsey GR604 South  
easyJet EZS 11:20 Geneva EZS8467 North  
Air Transat 11:20 Toronto TS722 South  
Ukraine International Airlines 11:25 Kiev PS111 South  
British Airways 11:30 Bordeaux BA2787 ESTIMATED 11:28 North  
easyJet 11:35 Aberdeen EZY872 North  
easyJet 11:35 Alicante EZY8660 North  
Turkish Airlines 11:35 Istanbul TK1965 North  
easyJet 11:45 Copenhagen EZY5366 South  
American Airlines 11:45 Venice AA6381 ESTIMATED 11:38 North  
British Airways 11:45 Venice BA2583 ESTIMATED 11:38 North  
easyJet 11:50 Almeria EZY5164 South  
easyJet 11:50 Marseille EZY5324 South  
easyJet 11:50 Zagreb EZY5102 South  
easyJet 11:55 Isle of Man EZY854 North  
easyJet 11:55 Naples EZY8530 North  
easyJet 12:00 Malaga EZY8602 North  
easyJet 12:05 Faro EZY8916 North  
Aer Lingus 12:15 Belfast City EI022 South  
easyJet 12:20 Milan-Malpensa EZY5292 South  
British Airways 12:20 Newquay BA6173 South  
Flybe 12:20 Newquay BE803 South  
Norwegian 12:20 Oslo DY2803 South  
easyJet 12:20 Seville EZY5176 South  
British Airways 12:25 Alicante BA2631 ESTIMATED 12:08 North  
easyJet 12:25 Barcelona EZY8572 North  
Monarch 12:25 Barcelona ZB279 South  
British Airways 12:25 Nice BA2623 ESTIMATED 12:13 North  
Monarch 12:30 Alicante ZB265 South  
Emirates 12:30 Dubai EK015 North  
Qantas 12:30 Dubai QF8015 North