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Airline Sched To Flight Status Terminal  
19 April 2014
easyJet 18:35 Amsterdam EZY8881 DEPARTED 18:56 North  
Thomas Cook 18:35 Dalaman TCX1612 DEPARTED 18:43 South  
easyJet 18:35 Faro EZY8929 DEPARTED 18:53 North  
easyJet 18:35 Malaga EZY8613 DEPARTED 18:52 North  
easyJet 18:40 Toulouse EZY5339 DEPARTED 18:46 South  
easyJet 18:50 Madrid EZY5483 DEPARTED 19:26 South  
British Airways 18:50 Olbia BA7048 DEPARTED 19:01 North  
Meridiana Airlines 18:50 Olbia IG186 DEPARTED 19:01 North  
British Airways 19:00 Alicante BA2634 DEPARTED 19:08 North  
British Airways 19:00 Amsterdam BA2764 DEPARTED 19:13 North  
Norwegian 19:00 Ibiza DY2484 DEPARTED 19:06 South  
Thomson Airways 19:05 Goa TOM052 DEPARTED 19:22 North  
Air One 19:05 Palermo AP617 DEPARTED 19:19 South  
easyJet 19:10 Berlin EZY5417 DEPARTED 19:16 South  
easyJet 19:10 Rome EZY5259 DEPARTED 19:47 South  
Norwegian 19:15 Barcelona DY5165 DEPARTED 19:27 South  
easyJet 19:15 Copenhagen EZY5371 DEPARTED 19:25 South  
Iberia 19:20 Barcelona IB5855 DEPARTED 19:31 North  
Vueling 19:20 Barcelona VY7825 DEPARTED 19:31 North  
Aurigny 19:30 Guernsey GR611 DEPARTED 19:35 South  
Ryanair 19:30 Shannon FR1183 DEPARTED 19:39 South  
easyJet 19:40 Paris CdG EZY8327 DEPARTED 19:45 North  
easyJet 19:45 Alicante EZY8671 DEPARTED 19:55 North  
easyJet 19:50 Barcelona EZY8581 DEPARTED 20:00 North  
Royal Air Maroc 19:50 Casablanca AND Marrakech AT803 LAST CALL North  
AirBerlin 19:55 Jersey AB5191 DEPARTED 20:03 North  
British Airways 19:55 Jersey BA2778 DEPARTED 20:03 North  
easyJet 20:00 Amsterdam EZY8883 DEPARTED 20:07 North  
easyJet 20:10 Malta EZY8827 DEPARTED 20:25 North  
British Airways 20:10 Newquay BA6174 DEPARTED 20:15 South  
Flybe 20:10 Newquay BE806 DEPARTED 20:15 South  
easyJet 20:30 Inverness EZY865 DEPARTED 20:32 North  
British Airways 20:30 Nice BA2626 TAXIED 20:21 North  
Monarch 20:50 Goa MON2490 LAST CALL South  
Air Arabia Maroc 21:00 Casablanca 3O106 LAST CALL South  
easyJet 21:15 Belfast EZY841 SCHEDULED North  
Emirates 21:15 Dubai EK010 DELAYED 21:45 North  
Qantas 21:15 Dubai QF8010 DELAYED 21:45 North  
Ryanair 21:25 Dublin FR119 GATE OPEN South  
AirBerlin 21:30 Edinburgh AB5198 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 21:30 Edinburgh BA2946 SCHEDULED North  
AirBerlin 21:35 Glasgow AB5210 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 21:35 Glasgow BA2968 SCHEDULED North  
Ryanair 22:00 Cork FR9853 SCHEDULED South  
20 April 2014
easyJet 05:40 Palma Mallorca EZY8621 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 05:45 Malaga EZY8601 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 05:50 Catania EZY8565 SCHEDULED North  
Norwegian 05:50 Tenerife DY2434 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 05:55 Bucharest EZY5037 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 05:55 Corfu EZY8751 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:00 Alicante EZY8659 SCHEDULED North  
Thomson Airways 06:00 Enfidha TOM328 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:00 Faro EZY8915 SCHEDULED North  
Thomson Airways 06:00 Faro TOM4736 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:10 Naples EZY8529 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:10 Seville EZY5175 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 06:10 Sofia EZY8973 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:10 Thessaloniki EZY5091 SCHEDULED South  
Norwegian 06:15 Fuerteventura DY2482 SCHEDULED South  
Thomas Cook 06:20 Enfidha TCX1324 SCHEDULED South  
Monarch 06:20 Geneva MON4838 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 06:25 Arrecife EZY8681 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:25 Malta EZY8823 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:25 Pisa EZY5231 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 06:25 Zagreb EZY5101 SCHEDULED South  
TAP Air Portugal 06:30 Funchal TP347 SCHEDULED South  
Norwegian 06:30 Nice DY2440 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 06:35 Turin EZY8377 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 06:40 Barcelona BA2706 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:40 Marrakech EZY8893 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 06:45 Malaga BA2712 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 06:50 Dublin BA5831 SCHEDULED South  
Aer Lingus 06:50 Dublin EI231 SCHEDULED South  
Monarch 06:50 Grenoble MON4116 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 06:50 Krakow EZY8511 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 06:50 Rome EZY5253 SCHEDULED South  
British Airways 06:50 Tirana BA2648 SCHEDULED North  
Thomas Cook 07:00 Arrecife TCX1026 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:00 Gibraltar EZY8901 SCHEDULED North  
Thomson Airways 07:00 Heraklion TOM4706 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:00 Marseille EZY5323 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:00 Moscow EZY8401 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:00 Nice EZY8349 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:00 Olbia EZY5275 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:00 Vienna EZY5357 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:05 Grenoble EZY8831 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:10 Alicante EZY8661 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:10 Almeria EZY5163 SCHEDULED South  
British Airways 07:10 Bordeaux BA2786 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:10 Copenhagen EZY5365 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:10 Innsbruck EZY5391 SCHEDULED South  
Monarch 07:10 Malaga ZB736 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:10 Paphos EZY5453 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:15 Heraklion EZY5461 SCHEDULED South  
British Airways 07:20 Amsterdam BA2758 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 07:25 Alicante BA2630 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 07:25 Jersey BA2768 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:25 Milan-Malpensa EZY5289 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:25 Palermo EZY5243 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:30 Aberdeen EZY871 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:30 Tenerife EZY8703 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:30 Venice EZY5263 SCHEDULED South  
British Airways 07:40 Nice BA2622 SCHEDULED North  
American Airlines 07:40 Venice AA6255 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 07:40 Venice BA2582 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:45 Chania EZY8783 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:50 Amsterdam EZY8871 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 07:50 Geneva EZY8462 SCHEDULED North  
Monarch 07:50 Grenoble MON2546 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 07:50 Verona EZY8451 SCHEDULED North  
Thomson Airways 08:00 Chambery TOM4734 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 08:00 Dubrovnik BA2678 SCHEDULED North  
Monarch 08:00 Grenoble MON2624 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 08:05 Faro EZY8917 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 08:05 Munich EZY5381 SCHEDULED South  
American Airlines 08:05 Naples AA6236 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 08:05 Naples BA2606 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 08:05 Verona BA2596 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 08:10 Hamburg EZY5343 SCHEDULED South  
easyJet 08:10 Jersey EZY845 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 08:10 Lyon EZY8415 SCHEDULED North  
easyJet 08:10 Malaga EZY8603 SCHEDULED North  
Monarch 08:20 Alicante ZB264 SCHEDULED South  
Norwegian 08:25 Aalborg DY2474 SCHEDULED South  
American Airlines 08:25 Glasgow AA6250 SCHEDULED North  
AirBerlin 08:25 Glasgow AB5200 SCHEDULED North  
British Airways 08:25 Glasgow BA2956 SCHEDULED North  
Monarch 08:30 Faro ZB214 SCHEDULED South  
Aurigny 08:30 Guernsey GR601 SCHEDULED South