Train drivers strike

We are expecting significant disruption to rail services to and from Gatwick on 13, 14 and 16 December. There will be no Southern trains and reduced Gatwick Express services. Please check your route in advance and allow extra travel time. 

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Airline Sched To Flight Status Terminal Gate    
10 December 2016
easyJet 14:30 Agadir EZY5149 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 10:15 Alicante FR2715 DEPARTED 11:11 South      
easyJet 15:10 Alicante EZY8663 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 15:30 Alicante BA2632 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 17:10 Alicante D82440 SCHEDULED South      
Monarch 11:45 Almeria ZB796 DEPARTED 12:03 South      
easyJet 11:30 Amsterdam EZY8875 DEPARTED 12:33 North      
American Airlines 12:20 Amsterdam AA6254 TAXIED 12:21 North      
British Airways 12:20 Amsterdam BA2760 TAXIED 12:21 North      
easyJet 17:10 Amsterdam EZY8883 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 17:35 Amsterdam BA2764 SCHEDULED North      
Virgin Atlantic 11:00 Antigua VS033 DEPARTED 11:16 South      
Thomas Cook 12:50 Arrecife MT1002 LAST CALL South 14    
Monarch 15:00 Arrecife ZB234 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 19:10 Asturias BA8051 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 19:10 Asturias VY7315 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 12:45 Athens EZY5087 GATE CLOSED South      
Norwegian 10:50 Barcelona D85501 DEPARTED 11:42 South      
easyJet 14:20 Barcelona EZY8575 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 18:10 Barcelona BA2051 SCHEDULED North      
Iberia 18:10 Barcelona IB5847 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 18:10 Barcelona VY7827 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:40 Barcelona BA2050 SCHEDULED North      
Iberia 19:40 Barcelona IB5855 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 19:40 Barcelona VY7825 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 19:50 Barcelona EZY8581 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 15:20 Basel EZY8437 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 11:30 Belfast EZY833 DEPARTED 12:05 North      
Ryanair 12:45 Belfast FR1272 LAST CALL South 16    
Ryanair 14:25 Belfast FR1276 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:15 Belfast EZY837 SCHEDULED North      
Ryanair 17:55 Belfast FR1274 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 21:45 Belfast FR1137 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 14:10 Berlin EZY5411 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:05 Berlin EZY5415 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 19:55 Bilbao BA8840 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 19:55 Bilbao VY7293 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:00 Bologna EZY8989 DEPARTED 11:18 North      
British Airways 10:35 Bridgetown BA2155 DEPARTED 10:54 North      
British Airways 13:40 Bridgetown BA2153 GATE OPEN North 51    
Wizz Air 21:55 Bucharest W63032 SCHEDULED South      
WestJet 11:35 Calgary WS002 DELAYED 15:45 North      
Virgin Atlantic 12:15 Cancun VS093 TAXIED 12:22 South      
British Airways 13:10 Cancun BA2203 BOARDING North 571    
British Airways 18:00 Cape Town BA2065 SCHEDULED North      
Tianjin Airlines 21:00 Chongqing AND Tianjin GS7966 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:35 Copenhagen EZY5363 DEPARTED 11:34 South      
easyJet 17:55 Copenhagen EZY5371 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 16:35 Cork FR9853 SCHEDULED South      
Emirates 13:35 Dubai EK016 GATE OPEN North 110    
Qantas 13:35 Dubai QF8016 GATE OPEN North 110    
WestJet 13:35 Dubai WS4716 GATE OPEN North 110    
Emirates 20:25 Dubai EK010 SCHEDULED North      
Qantas 20:25 Dubai QF8010 SCHEDULED North      
WestJet 20:25 Dubai WS4710 SCHEDULED North      
Ryanair 09:40 Dublin FR113 DEPARTED 10:50 South      
British Airways 10:45 Dublin BA5833 DEPARTED 11:26 South      
Aer Lingus 10:45 Dublin EI233 DEPARTED 11:26 South      
Ryanair 13:20 Dublin FR115 GATE OPEN South 12    
Ryanair 15:00 Dublin FR123 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 16:50 Dublin BA5843 SCHEDULED South      
Aer Lingus 16:50 Dublin EI243 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 17:45 Dublin FR117 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 19:00 Dublin FR127 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 19:55 Dublin FR143 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 21:00 Dublin BA5849 SCHEDULED South      
Aer Lingus 21:00 Dublin EI249 SCHEDULED South      
Ryanair 21:30 Dublin FR119 SCHEDULED South      
American Airlines 11:55 Edinburgh AA6247 DEPARTED 12:23 North      
British Airways 11:55 Edinburgh BA2938 DEPARTED 12:23 North      
easyJet 18:00 Edinburgh EZY811 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 19:45 Edinburgh AB5198 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:45 Edinburgh BA2946 SCHEDULED North      
19:45 Edinburgh US7473 SCHEDULED North      
19:45 Edinburgh US7474 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 16:05 Florence BA8845 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 16:05 Florence VY6205 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 11:35 Friedrichshafen EZY5401 DEPARTED 11:51 South      
Thomas Cook 10:10 Fuerteventura MT1014 DEPARTED 10:43 South      
British Airways 11:55 Fuerteventura BA2700 DEPARTED 12:30 North      
Vueling 11:55 Fuerteventura VY9971 DEPARTED 12:30 North      
Norwegian 14:15 Fuerteventura D82466 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 12:35 Funchal BA2780 LAST CALL North 107    
easyJet 13:15 Funchal EZY8137 GATE OPEN North 560    
Norwegian 14:10 Funchal D82674 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 09:55 Geneva EZY8466 DEPARTED 11:01 North      
British Airways 10:25 Geneva BA2744 DEPARTED 11:14 North      
British Airways 11:05 Geneva BA2738 DEPARTED 11:29 North      
easyJet 11:40 Geneva EZY8468 DEPARTED 12:27 North      
easyJet EZS 12:35 Geneva EZS8472 GATE CLOSED North      
easyJet 13:35 Geneva EZY8474 SCHEDULED North      
American Airlines 14:45 Geneva AA6241 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 14:45 Geneva BA2740 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet EZS 15:25 Geneva EZS8476 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:00 Glasgow EZY883 DEPARTED 11:45 North      
American Airlines 10:10 Glasgow AA6252 DEPARTED 11:06 North      
AirBerlin 10:10 Glasgow AB5202 DEPARTED 11:06 North      
British Airways 10:10 Glasgow BA2958 DEPARTED 11:06 North      
AirBerlin 19:35 Glasgow AB5208 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:35 Glasgow BA2966 SCHEDULED North      
Thomson Airways 17:55 Goa TOM052 SCHEDULED North      
Thomson Airways 14:55 Gran Canaria TOM4636 SCHEDULED North      
Monarch 14:55 Gran Canaria ZB7988 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 16:00 Gran Canaria D82418 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 09:40 Grenoble BA2754 DEPARTED 11:04 North      
Norwegian 10:35 Grenoble D82684 DEPARTED 11:21 South      
easyJet 13:00 Grenoble EZY8943 GATE CLOSED North      
Aurigny 10:00 Guernsey GR603 DEPARTED 10:45 South      
Aurigny 11:50 Guernsey GR605 TAXIED 12:07 South      
Aurigny 16:30 Guernsey GR607 SCHEDULED South      
Aurigny 19:40 Guernsey GR611 SCHEDULED South      
Virgin Atlantic 11:30 Havana VS063 DEPARTED 11:55 South      
easyJet 10:50 Hurghada EZY8861 DEPARTED 11:31 North      
easyJet 13:25 Innsbruck EZY5397 GATE OPEN South 27    
British Airways 14:50 Innsbruck BA2690 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 12:00 Inverness EZY863 TAXIED 12:28 North      
easyJet 18:55 Inverness EZY865 SCHEDULED North      
Aer Lingus 12:50 Irl West Knock EI911 LAST CALL South 20    
easyJet 11:20 Isle of Man EZY855 DEPARTED 11:37 North      
Turkish Airlines 10:15 Istanbul - IST TK1982 DEPARTED 10:48 South      
Turkish Airlines 16:45 Istanbul - IST TK1998 SCHEDULED South      
Pegasus 11:45 Istanbul - SAW PC542 DEPARTED 12:18 South      
Turkish Airlines 12:35 Istanbul - SAW TK1964 LAST CALL South 10    
AirBerlin 11:45 Jersey AB5187 DEPARTED 12:37 North      
British Airways 11:45 Jersey BA2772 DEPARTED 12:37 North      
easyJet 13:40 Jersey EZY893 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 16:00 Jersey BA2774 SCHEDULED North      
AirBerlin 19:20 Jersey AB5191 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 19:20 Jersey BA2778 SCHEDULED North      
Ukraine International Airlines 12:20 Kiev PS112 LAST CALL South 4    
easyJet 12:50 Larnaca EZY8965 GATE CLOSED North      
TAP Air Portugal 16:30 Lisbon TP343 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:35 Lisbon EZY8719 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 10:30 Madrid D86051 DEPARTED 10:59 South      
British Airways 10:50 Madrid BA7285 DEPARTED 11:47 South      
Iberia Express 10:50 Madrid I23715 DEPARTED 11:47 South      
Iberia 10:50 Madrid IB3715 DEPARTED 11:47 South      
easyJet 12:25 Madrid EZY8277 TAXIED 12:32 North      
Air Europa 17:20 Madrid UX1016 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 18:10 Madrid EZY8283 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 20:15 Madrid BA7287 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 20:15 Madrid D86055 SCHEDULED South      
Iberia Express 20:15 Madrid I23717 SCHEDULED South      
Iberia 20:15 Madrid IB3717 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 10:20 Malaga D85001 DEPARTED 11:24 South      
Monarch 16:20 Malaga ZB736 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:45 Malaga EZY8609 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 17:50 Malaga D82404 SCHEDULED South      
Air Malta 11:55 Malta KM117 DEPARTED 12:35 South      
British Airways 13:40 Marrakech BA2666 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 15:40 Marrakech EZY8895 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 20:20 Mauritius BA2063 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:50 Milan-Linate EZY5283 TAXIED 12:38 South      
easyJet 13:10 Milan-Linate EZY5285 BOARDING South 17    
easyJet 19:30 Milan-Linate EZY5287 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 14:50 Milan-Malpensa EZY5293 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:55 Milan-Malpensa EZY5297 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 16:30 Montpellier EZY8053 SCHEDULED North      
Aeroflot 16:10 Moscow SU2589 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 14:55 Murcia EZY8553 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 10:40 Nantes EZY8961 DEPARTED 12:13 North      
British Airways 12:55 Newquay BA6172 LAST CALL South 11    
Flybe 12:55 Newquay BE804 LAST CALL South 11    
British Airways 17:00 New York BA2273 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 17:10 New York DY7015 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 13:00 Nice EZY8355 LAST CALL North 105    
British Airways 15:10 Nice BA2624 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 12:35 Oakland DY7073 LAST CALL South 32    
American Airlines 11:35 Orlando AA6206 DEPARTED 11:52 North      
British Airways 11:35 Orlando BA2037 DEPARTED 11:52 North      
Iberia 11:35 Orlando IB4679 DEPARTED 11:52 North      
Delta Air Lines 13:00 Orlando DL4396 LAST CALL South 19    
Virgin Atlantic 13:00 Orlando VS015 LAST CALL South 19    
Norwegian 14:05 Orlando DY7057 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 09:20 Oslo D82802 DEPARTED 10:51 South      
Norwegian 17:50 Oslo D82810 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 14:30 Palermo EZY5243 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 14:15 Paris CdG EZY8327 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 19:00 Paris CdG VY8775 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 21:25 Paris CdG BA8194 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 21:25 Paris CdG VY8773 SCHEDULED North      
TAP Air Portugal 13:00 Porto TP331 LAST CALL South 33    
TAP Air Portugal 21:10 Porto TP337 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 12:55 Prague EZY5497 GATE CLOSED South      
Travel Services 19:10 Prague QS1099 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 14:05 Punta Cana BA2205 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 17:45 Rennes VY7524 SCHEDULED North      
WOW Air 10:55 Reykjavik - KEF WW811 DEPARTED 11:15 South      
Icelandair 12:30 Reykjavik - KEF FI471 TAXIED 12:36 North      
easyJet 15:25 Reykjavik - KEF EZY8507 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 15:50 Reykjavik - KEF D82970 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 09:25 Riga BA2240 DEPARTED 11:08 South      
Air Baltic 09:25 Riga BT652 DEPARTED 11:08 South      
easyJet 11:55 Rome EZY8253 DEPARTED 12:20 North      
Vueling 20:55 Rome VY6229 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 11:40 Salzburg BA2656 DEPARTED 12:08 North      
easyJet 12:50 Salzburg EZY8559 LAST CALL North 559    
AirBerlin 15:55 Salzburg AB5086 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 15:55 Salzburg BA2652 SCHEDULED North      
Norwegian 16:05 Salzburg D82580 SCHEDULED South      
Norwegian 11:00 San Juan DY7127 DEPARTED 11:40 South      
Ryanair 20:10 Shannon FR1183 SCHEDULED South      
American Airlines 12:40 Tampa AA6211 TAXIED 12:39 North      
British Airways 12:40 Tampa BA2167 TAXIED 12:39 North      
Iberia 12:40 Tampa IB4683 TAXIED 12:39 North      
Monarch 12:30 Tenerife ZB284 TAXIED 12:21 South      
British Airways 13:50 Tenerife BA2730 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 13:50 Tenerife EZY8705 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 13:20 Thessaloniki EZY5091 GATE OPEN South 18    
British Airways 16:20 Tirana BA2648 SCHEDULED North      
Air Transat 11:15 Toronto TS523 DEPARTED 12:10 South      
WestJet 11:20 Toronto WS004 DEPARTED 12:16 North      
easyJet 16:45 Toulouse EZY5337 SCHEDULED South      
easyJet 13:40 Turin EZY8379 SCHEDULED North      
British Airways 15:30 Turin BA2578 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 15:30 Turin VY9943 SCHEDULED North      
easyJet 16:15 Valencia EZY5225 SCHEDULED South      
American Airlines 13:05 Venice AA6235 GATE OPEN North 102    
British Airways 13:05 Venice BA2584 GATE OPEN North 102    
Vueling 13:05 Venice VY9967 GATE OPEN North 102    
easyJet 15:20 Venice EZY5269 SCHEDULED South      
British Airways 16:20 Venice BA2586 SCHEDULED North      
Vueling 16:20 Venice VY9965 SCHEDULED North      
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