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Look forward to lunchtime with a comforting meal box. We have three delicious flavours to choose from - Creamy Mac & Cheese, Italian Style Meatball Ragu or Roasted Chicken & Chorizo Rice.

Whatever your choice, pop into your local GatwickAirport Costa and try one for yourself.


A fresh start for your favourite coffees. Pop into your local GatwickAirport Costa to try your usual Vanilla Latte, Flat White or Mocha now with smooth, creamy coconut milk for an even more refreshing experience.

Hand-making a cup of coffee is an art form. It takes time and skill to perfect. That's why every single barista, in every single Costa store is professionally trained in the art of coffee by our experts. It's a little thing, but it makes a big difference, because it means you'll get a perfect cup of Costa coffee every time. Come in and try for yourself at Costa Gatwick Airport.

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