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[origin: La Face, Val D’Isere.1988]

Two young Brits sell tees and sweats to fund skiing. A small business with a big heart is born.

We proudly make clothes that reflect the happy, healthy lifestyles of our customers.


1. Modern styling

2. Hero pieces for your wardrobe

3. Built to last at prices you can trust

Some say we wash our clothes in happiness before they find their way to you.

It’s what makes FatFace different.

Reserve & Collect

Use our Reserve & Collect service to guarantee your FatFace items before you fly, follow these simple steps:

1. View Products on the FatFace website,

2. Simply call us to reserve your items on:

01293 569162 (South Terminal)

01293 569299 (North Terminal)

We wash our clothes again and again, until they have that casual ‘old favourite’ feel from new. Some people say that we wash them in happiness first and then we pass them on to you…

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We offer you VAT free prices on a range of clothing, accessories and footwear.