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05 July 2020
  07:30 Paris CdG EJU8322 North      
  08:05 Dublin FR120 North      
  09:10 Copenhagen DY3510 CANCELLED North      
  10:50 Antalya TK1159 North      
  11:20 Basel EZS8432 North      
  11:25 Cork FR9852 North      
  11:45 Alicante EZY8660 North      
  11:55 Palma Mallorca EZY8618 North      
  13:00 Dalaman TK1231 North      
  13:20 Minsk B2851 North      
  13:35 Malaga EZY8604 North      
  13:45 Barcelona EJU8576 North      
  13:50 Barcelona BA2048 North      
  13:50 Barcelona IB5846 North      
  13:50 Barcelona VY7826 North      
  14:25 Preveza ENT428 CANCELLED North      
  15:50 Oslo DY1304 North      
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