Gatwick Airport Sensory room interactive elements to help those who need a calming space before they fly Gatwick Airport Sensory room interactive elements to help those who need a calming space before they fly

Sensory Room

North Terminal, after security

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Our Sensory Room, a calming environment

In 2018, London Gatwick became the UK's first airport to open a Sensory Room, offering a calming and relaxing environment designed for passengers with disabilities such as autism, dementia or cognitive impairment who would benefit from a safe and interactive place when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Our Sensory Room is wheelchair accessible and free to use for passengers departing from the North Terminal only. You must however pre-book in order to guarantee your space. 

The Gatwick Airport Sensory Room is open between 04:00 and 21:00

Opening times

North - 06:00 - 20:00

The Gatwick Airport Sensory Room is free to book

Free to book

The Gatwick Airport Sensory Room features an interactive Giant's Causeway that activates colourful lights as you step on them

Interactive causeway

A rainbow tube is a calming and stimulating colour wheel

Rainbow tube

A sound to light show converts sounds into a show of colour

Sound to light show

Passengers enjoying Gatwick Airport's Sensory Room

What's in our Sensory Room?

There are two zones in the Sensory Room. A ‘chill-out zone’ for those needing calm includes floor cushions, bean bags and digital display panels, which generate colourful visuals. A separate ‘interactive zone’ stimulates the senses through tactile panels, textures and games to improve memory, learning and general motor skills.

  • Catherine Wheel Panel – Displays of colour and sound, including firework effects
  • Abstract Tactile Panels – Raised panels and recessed fluid shapes in contrasting textures
  • Colour Match Panel – Uses classical music, mood lighting, and games to improve memory
  • Sound to Light Show – Converts sounds into a dazzling light show of colour
  • Waterless Rainbow Tube – A calming and stimulating colour wheel
  • Interactive Giant Causeway – Segments that activate colourful lights as you step on them
  • Activity Board - A range of activities encouraging motor movement and coordination
  • Infinity and Beyond Panel – Visual and auditory effects using a range of shapes and sounds

How to find the Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is currently located in the North Terminal only. After security, follow the signs to the ‘Special Assistance’ desk where a member of staff will escort you to the Sensory Room.

The Sensory Room is open daily between 06:00 and 20:00, with the last booking being at 19:30. Sessions last for 30 minutes and are limited to four people at a time, so pre-booking your space is essential. 

Special Assistance

Separate to our Sensory Room, our Special Assistance areas have the capacity to seat up to 90 people and have been designed with bespoke chairs and soft furnishings to provide a quiet, calm environment for passengers to relax in before their flight.

Head to our Special Assistance page to learn more about the services we can offer our passengers with hidden disabilities.