Cycling & walking

Gatwick has better cycle accessibility than other London airports with a national cycle route running right through the airport. There are also loads of great walking routes around the airport, so there's no excuse not to get those steps in!


We have created new route maps to show you how to get around Gatwick on foot or by bicycle that pinpoint key landmarks. Walking is a great, easy way to do your body good, aiding heart health, weight loss and a general feeling of energy and wellbeing. Why not skip the shuttle and take a stroll between terminals next time you visit Gatwick?

Click here to view the walking map from North to South Terminal

Click here to view the walking map from South to North Terminal

Click here to view all the walking and cycling routes around the airport


Gatwick welcomes cyclists. National Cycle Route 21 (NCR 21) goes right past the South Terminal and the transit to North Terminal. The route runs from Greenwich in London, through Horley and Crawley (where it meets NCR 20), to Groombridge, Eastbourne and Pevensey.

To get into the terminal from NCR 21, please use the cycle lift under South Terminal. The train station is also located in South Terminal and you can easily reach North Terminal via the transit.

If you are planning on catching the train from Gatwick, remember that only fold-away bikes are allowed at peak times and no bicycles can be taken on rail replacement buses. 

In South Terminal, cycle parking is available on the southbound side of the A23, next to NCR21 and the shuttle. On the opposite (northbound) side of the A23, more cycle parking is available next to the terminal building. There's also cycle parking next to the train line, under the terminal building directly off NCR21. 

In North Terminal, cycle parking is available on the forecourt under the shuttle. 

Please ensure that all cycles are left in designated locations.

Cycles are left entirely at your own risk and Gatwick Airport Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to cycles or equipment left on site.

If you leave your cycle at the airport cycle parking facility, we recommend that you take appropriate security precautions:

  • Use a good quality lock (e.g. D-shackle or multi-braided cable with “Sold Secure” or similar rating).
  • Lock both wheels and the frame to the bike stand. Ideally use more than one lock.
  • Take removable parts with you where possible.

Click here to view a map of airport cycle routes and facilities