Terminal drop-off charge

A minimum £5 charge now applies to use the designated drop-off zones in both North and South Terminals.

You must pay the terminal drop-off charge by midnight the day after you use the drop-off zones. You can receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) if you're late or do not pay. 

Paying the charge




Pay now


Choose this option if you have already used the drop-off zone

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Set up an AutoPay account


Register your vehicle details and pay automatically after each visit

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Received a Parking Charge Notice?

  Pay or appeal a PCN online

Blue Badge exemption


Register to receive a Blue Badge exemption to the drop-off charge

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Planning to use the drop-off zones?

You can drop passengers off by car outside the terminal buildings in the designated drop-off zones.

The drop-off zones are located directly outside the airport terminals and are the most convenient place for dropping off passengers quickly and easily.


  • £5 for 10 minutes
  • £1 for each additional minute up to 20 minutes
  • Maximum charge of £25 and the maximum length of stay 30 mins.

Click here to see frequently asked questions.

Picking up passengers?

We recommend that you use the Short Stay car parks for picking up as this tends to take longer. Click here for our roll-up car parking prices.

Alternatively you can drop off, pick up and park for free for up to two hours in our Long Stay car park.

Need to contact us?

You can pay your charge by phone by calling 0330 174 4503 (automated payment line)

You can contact Customer Services here or by telephone: 0345 050 7080 (option 4).