Engagement and governance

Gatwick Airport's key role in the economic, social and environmental development of the region means that many local groups and committees are involved in discussions on the airport's operation.

Meeting local representativesWe regularly meet representatives from local communities, councils, residents and interest groups to discuss airport issues.

Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM)

GATCOM is a statutory advisory body made up of local councils, environmental groups, the aviation industry, business community and passenger representatives. It seeks to reach a common understanding about the nature and operation of the airport.

The committee meets four times a year to discuss airport policy and operations, with sub-committees discussing various specific topics.

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Passenger Advisory Group

PAG is an independent body with fourteen members who volunteer around three days per quarter to visit the airport, monitor facilities and services, and provide feedback and recommendations on all aspects of the passenger experience. 

Noise and track monitoring advisory group (NATMAG)

NATMAG brings together representatives from the DfT, NATS, British Airways, Gatwick Airport and local authorities. The group discusses a wide range of noise and track-keeping issues and monitors track-keeping performance, night engine testing and ground noise complaints. 

Gatwick Noise Monitoring Group (GNMG)

The GNMG consists of Environmental Health Officers and associated noise professionals from the Local Authorities surrounding Gatwick Airport, the Technical Advisor from the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM), the Gatwick Airport Flight Team Performance Manager and Gatwick Airport Ltd’s independent acoustic consultants.

Other consultative activities

We have an ongoing programme of briefings for locally elected politicians, councillors and MPs and business organisations. We also work across the region's business communities and with government agencies.

S106 Agreement

We have a comprehensive S106 Agreement with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council which has been in place since 2000 and was renewed in 2008.

The agreement explains how we approach community and economy issues and focuses on how the airport can make a positive contribution to the economy and quality of life in and around the Gatwick area.

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