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Noise and airspace

It's our responsibility to manage noise around the airport

What we're doing

We’re committed to reducing noise at or around our airport. Managing noise is important to us as we are close to many residential areas.

Reducing noise


a map of flightpaths in and out of Gatwick airspace

WebTrak is our dedicated online flight tracker which allows you to track aircraft operating to and from Gatwick, as well as aircraft from other airports. You can also view up to three months of historical activity.

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Community engagement

a photo of an easyJet a320 taxiing underneath the pier 6 bridge on a sunny day

We engage regularly with local stakeholders about operational improvements. We discuss concerns people raise and suggested improvements, including through our Noise Management Board.

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Noise reports

Construction workers and machinery on Gatwick's Northern runway, with an easyJet plane taking off in the background

The Airspace Office publishes reports on our operation and performance against a variety of noise mitigation measures.

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Airspace modernisation

a long range photo of an a380 coming in to land amid peach coloured stormy sunset skies

Government, the CAA and UK aviation industry are working together to modernise our airspace to make journeys ‘quicker, quieter and cleaner’.

Airspace modernisation

24 hours at London Gatwick

a low aerial shot of Gatwick from the western end of the runway

This video explains how the world’s most efficient single runway airport operates on a typical summers day.

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Noise enquiries

a closeup photo of a hand holding a mobile phone displaying the Gatwick noise complaint form

Do you want to track a flight or make a noise complaint? Contact us today. Your feedback helps us both!

Noise enquiries

Airspace & Noise Information Dashboard

Also known as InsightFull, this tool allows you to tailor your postcode to information regarding overflight of your area, with helpful videos on Gatwick operations.

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