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Supporting local causes

We care about local causes and are proud to play an active role in our local community

We care about local causes

We're proud to play an active role in our local community and across the region. 

Our funding and grants aim to share the benefits of the airport ​with the ​communities most affected by our operations. We sponsor a range of local events with the aim of bringing people together. 

Our charity partnerships support passengers and local communities. We're looking forward to supporting more local projects. 

Our Decade of Change

Supporting local communities forms part of our sustainability policy - our Decade of Change

Our policy sets out our plan to invest resources in programmes and partnerships in the South East. We will also support those communities most affected by our operations. ​

We support local causes through:
Our Foundation Fund

An image, via the Amber Foundation, of a man sawing a plank of wood, supervised by a tutor

Our Foundation Fund supports community projects that fight social isolation and disadvantage, raise aspirations, develops skills and improve health and wellbeing. Each year there are three rounds of funding split equally between Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Apply for project funding in Sussex

Apply for project funding in Surrey

Apply for project funding in Kent

The UK VINCI Foundation

photo of a London Gatwick security officer talking with an elderly woman at a Gatwick community outreach eventAs part of the VINCI network, we support projects that bring people together. Our people work with community groups to build long term partnerships and develop projects that develop social cohesion and fight isolation .

VINCI UK Foundation

Our charity partners

a photo of Gatwick colleagues and air ambulance staff lined up in front of an air ambulance helicopter at Redhill aerodromeOur charity partnerships support passengers and local communities. We​ ha​ve raised over £1 million since 2015.​ Now that is something to be proud of!​ 

​​Charity work​

Our event sponsorship

a photo of a charity marathon called Run Gatwick taking place net to the airfield boundary fence with planes on the runway visible in the backgroundWe​'ve sponsored over 200 community events since 2015. This lets us connect with our community, and bring people together. Looking for an event sponsor?

Contact our community team

Gatwick Community Trust

Gatwick Airport Community Trust (GACT) is an independent charity set up by the legally-binding agreement between West Sussex County Council, Crawley Borough Council and Gatwick Airport.

The Trust is dedicated to supporting local communities through the funding of projects within those communities most affected by the airport and our operations.

As part of our legal commitment with our local authorities, we make an annual donation to the Gatwick Airport Community Trust. Local community groups and charities can apply for grants for specific projects. The Trust also receives money raised through noise fines set by the Government on aircraft that infringe noise limits at Gatwick.

Airport engagement events

We host regular engagement events for local community representatives​.​​

This is an opportunity to​ meet members of​ our​ team to discuss the issues that are most important to local people.​

It’s important to us to hear your feedback and concerns as this allows us to grow and make positive changes. Together we can make a real change.​ 

Consultative Committee

One of the ways we can ​take part ​in community debate is the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM)​. This is ​the airport’s formal consultative body. 

It's run by West Sussex County Council with an independent chairperson and 32 committee members from groups across the region​.​ ​They ​represent a wide range of interests including passenger service, tourism​,​ environmental issues​ and much more​. 

GATCOM meets ​four times a year ​to discuss specific matters in more detail.