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Building careers

We're working to nurture the next generation of aviators

Education programmes

We're working hard to nurture the next generation of aviators. ​We invested £170,000 in education programmes in 2019 alone! ​We work with a range of organisations to help us meet our employment goals and deliver the skills needed to do so​. ​

We ​aim to ​inform, inspire, and invest in young people​.​ ​Opening​ the world of opportunity that ​we offer​ to everyone ​allows us ​to ​help people to ​develop the right skills for the right job. 

Our Future Careers Resource pack

Building future skills forms part of our sustainability policy - our Second Decade of Change to 2030.

London Gatwick STEM Centre

In October 2023, London Gatwick opened its dedicated STEM Centre - a bespoke, hands-on space to engage and teach school children across the region about science, technology, engineering and maths, and aviation.  

To date, the STEM Centre has already welcomed hundreds of students from schools across the region, taking part in a range of hands-on activities, such as a water treatment lab, bridge building, an Archimedes screw exercise, and a mocked-up airfield rig, which enables students to practice changing the lights along the runway under a time limit. Click here for more details on what the lab can offer.

The space also has classrooms, tablets and quiet areas, providing the opportunity for both theory and practical learning. There are also dedicated facilities for students with special educational needs. 

Feedback has been fantastic from students and teachers alike.

The Centre supports London Gatwick’s Employment, Skills and Business Strategy (ESBS), and Decade of Change goals.

The STEM Centre is available for schools, colleges and organisations to book for events related to STEM activities, please contact

Dave White, Engineering Apprentice Lead, introducing London Gatwick STEM Centre
Our education programmes include:
Learn Live broadcasts

A photo of a man in a high vis vest with a camera and tripod filming an Emirates a380 taxiing pastLearn Live ​bring​s​ the airport live to classrooms​ ​across the UK. Our accessible talks explores the range of different career paths we offer. ​​Join o​ver 100,000 students and teachers that have tuned in so far.​

Learn Live

Work with local schools

a photo of several Gatwick graduate scheme students along with Gatwick's apprentice development lead Dave White standing on the roof of the pier 6 bridgeWith our new STEM centre, we support and promote careers in ​science, technology, engineering and maths.​ These subjects help to form the basis of the core skills that are needed to work at our airport.​ 



Portrait photograph of a Gatwick engineer with a large wrench in a room full of machineryWe​'​ve been offering apprenticeships​ for over 45 years. Our engineering apprenticeship was voted number two in the UK in 2020 and has been voted as one of the best in the South East.

Our apprenticeships  

Our community goals
Supporting local causes

image of a gigantic Auras Odyssey puppet on the Gatwick south terminal entrance

We have a strong programme of community investment. We support a range of initiatives and events across Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Community support 

Growing local businesses

Photo of the print room of an industrial scale printing and sign making business, with a man holding a London Gatwick poster and Gatwick airport signs in the background

A strong airport supports local growth. This helps us attract new and start-up technology businesses and green industry to the area.

Supporting business 

Building our workforce

a young female Gatwick engineer with a wrench performing maintenance on some machinery

We inform, inspire and invest in young people and we open up the world of opportunities to everyone. We support early careers and skills.

Developing skills