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Our next Decade of Change sustainability policy takes us to 2030

Second Decade of Change

Why can’t an airport work towards a sustainable future? From providing a home for more than 2,000 species of plants and animals to training the engineers of the future from the local community, our Decade of Change strategy is making a real difference every day - right across the airport.

Sustainability is part of everything we do here at London Gatwick.

Our goals to 2030

Our Second Decade of Change builds on progress made in previous years and accelerates action through ten goals focused in areas that matter the most to our business: people and communities, net zero and the local environment. They are at the heart of everything we set out to achieve, and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Second Decade of Change policy to 2030
People and community

photo of a London Gatwick security officer talking with an elderly woman at a Gatwick community outreach event

Support our people and invest in our local communities.

Community support 

Net zero

A small herd of sheep in a field with London Gatwick's airfield visible behind them

We're continuing our transition to net zero and improving air quality.

Net zero

Local environment

A photo of a Newt being held in a pair of hands belonging to a London Gatwick ecologist

We want to have a positive impact on the local environment.



We've strengthened our Decade of Change goals with ten roadmaps. 

These set out quantitative and qualitative outcomes for each goal, clearly showing what London Gatwick plans to achieve. Together, the Decade of Change policy and the roadmaps outline our approach to creating a sustainable airport for the future.

Learn more about our roadmaps
Are we on track?

Sustainability has been a key part of our transformation since 2009. Each year we report on our progress. Our latest Decade of Change report provides an overview of our performance in 2023.

Decade of Change Performance Summary 2023

Low shot photograph of London Gatwick pier 6 bridge with a cloudy sky and planes taxiing around the airfield

a photo of a bus on the road at Gatwick

Sustainable travel

Our goal is to reduce emissions from transport used to reach the airport. As part of our Decade of Change Policy we're aiming for 60% of journeys to and from the airport to be zero or ultra-low emissions, by 2030.

Our sustainable travel goals