How are we performing?

Our performance

We provide a range of information reporting on performance achieved in many areas of our business.

Customer service

We are a customer orientated business dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs. As part of the economic regulation of Gatwick Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) introduced a Service Quality Rebate (SQR) scheme in 2003.

The scheme sets stretching standards for a variety of measures impacting the passenger experience, from security queues to the availability of airfield assets, ensuring Gatwick is constantly focused on the performance in these key areas. The scheme also incorporates the results of a passenger survey with certain facilities measured in the form of the Quality of Service Monitor (QSM).

SQR scheme overview  
SQR performance reports

Regulatory Performance

As part of the CAA's economic regulation Gatwick Airport is required to provide annual regulatory accounts. These accounts report our performance for the past year, against the CAA's forecast from their latest Regulatory Decision. They are subject to an independent review by Gatwick's statutory auditors, whose report is provided solely for Gatwick Airport and the CAA.

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We report annually on our performance against environmental targets in our sustainability report. Each year our achievements are independently verified by external consultants. Det Norske Veritas verifies our performance against past targets and Bureau Veritas validates the targets and objectives that drive our environmental performance in the year ahead.

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We report monthly on our air traffic statistics from the number of passengers we serve, to air transport movements. This data is presented in various formats.

Gatwick traffic statistics