Andy Sinclair, Head of Airspace Strategy and Engagement

Andy SinclairThe purpose of our blog is to update readers on airspace related activities and issues at Gatwick Airport and around the local area that may be of interest to our local communities and stakeholders. I plan to include updates on public aviation consultations, airspace and operational changes and the work of our Noise Management Board. If you want to know more about noise from planes or the airport or find out more about flightpaths of aircraft, then please use our specially developed Noiselab where you will find a raft of data and information.

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Route 4 update - 19 February 2019

Earlier this year we held a public briefing session for interested parties to learn more about the Route 4 airspace change process which will start soon. The briefing provided a history and context for the development of the Route 4 airspace change, including progress since the Judicial Review, an overview of the airspace change process, a brief summary of the Route 4 airspace change objectives, opportunities and issues and details of how to stay in touch with progress. 
Download or view the Route 4 update briefing

You can read an explanation about the historical changes to Route 4 over the years and see an animation which illustrates the changes to the departure track density from 1996 to 2017. 

As mentioned in my previous blog, we will be posting information to the CAA’s airspace change portal. If you register with the site you will receive alerts when material is updated:

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