Andy Sinclair, Head of Airspace Strategy and Engagement

Andy SinclairThe purpose of our blog is to update readers on airspace related activities and issues at Gatwick Airport and around the local area that may be of interest to our local communities and stakeholders. I plan to include updates on public aviation consultations, airspace and operational changes and the work of our Noise Management Board. If you want to know more about noise from planes or the airport or find out more about flightpaths of aircraft, then please use our new and updated Flight Tracker site where you will find a raft of data and information.

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New Noise and Track Keeping System and launch of the Airspace Office

In early 2018 we started an internal review of our systems and I’m now pleased to announce the launch of our new noise and track keeping system. The new system – provided by EMS Bruel and Kjaer – represents a £1 million investment that will dramatically improve the monitoring of aircraft flights and associated noise as well as sharing more information directly with local communities.

On 1 April we launched our new flight tracking system which, supported by a brand new fleet of noise monitors, presents real-time flight tracking and noise data direct to the local community. This is complemented by in a UK airport first, the launch of a specially designed automated complaints phone line alongside a mobile app shortcut for the submission of aircraft noise complaints. 

The system was developed with our Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NaTMAG) and over the next few months the newly constituted Airspace Office will continue to work with this group to develop a new noise information website. This will provide easier access to localised information on aircraft overflight and noise. 

The delivery of this system represents a step-change in aircraft noise management and I hope you will find it to be a significantly improved experience. 

Go to our new flight tracker

Noise complaints and enquires can be submitted through the following methods:

  • Online web-form:,
  • Automated phone line by calling: 01293 311 568
  • Via a mobile app short cut, you can save this to you device by:
    • Apple: tap the box with the vertical arrow and add to homescreen
    • Android: Tap the three menu dots and select save to homepage

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