UK skies are some of the busiest anywhere in the world. You must not fly a drone within 5km of any UK airport or above 400ft (approx. 120m).

When you fly a drone in the UK it is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe. It is a criminal act to break the no-fly zone. You could put lives at risk and go to prison for up to five years.

To find out more about flying drones, visit the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Do you know the 5km flight restricted zone?

Download the map in PDF

How to fly drones responsibly

Register as a drone operator

If you fly a drone, you must register as an operator with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Register as an operator

Download the Drone Assist app

Drone Assist UK is designed by NATS, the UK’s main air traffic control provider. This handy app contains all the information you need to know about flying a drone in the UK.

Download the app

Apply for a permit

You must have permission to fly a drone within the 5km flight restricted zone. Applications are reviewed by air traffic control and the airfield operations team.

Apply for a permit