Gatwick Airport's key role in the economic, social and environmental development of the region means that many local groups and committees are involved in discussions on the airport's operation. We regularly meet representatives from local communities, councils, residents and interest groups to discuss airport issues.

We engage with four key groups on airspace and noise matters, this includes the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM), the Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NaTMAG) and its subgroup the Gatwick Noise Monitoring Group (GNMG) along with the Noise Management Board (NMB).


GATCOM is an independent statutory advisory body with 28 appointed representatives from a wide range of interests including local authorities, civil aviation, passenger, business, tourism and community and environmental groups. Representatives from the Department for Transport, NATS, and Gatwick’s Air Traffic Control are also present at the main Committee meetings, together with Gatwick Airport’s Chief Executive Officer and his senior management team.

GATCOM meets four times a year and considers issues and questions in connection with the operation and development of Gatwick and its effect on local communities, passengers, airlines and other users of the airport. Find out more about GATCOM.


The Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group brings together representatives from Gatwick Airport, the Department for Transport, NATS, Air Navigation Solutions (Air Traffic Control), airlines and local authorities to discuss a wide range of noise and track keeping issues at the airport.

It monitors track keeping performance, continuous descent operations, night engine testing and ground noise and noise complaints. The group meets quarterly, four times a year and the minutes are available here:

A sub-group of NaTMAG is the Gatwick Noise Monitoring Group. This brings together representatives from Gatwick, Environmental Health Officers from local authorities and the Independent Technical Advisor to GATCOM to evaluate and discuss the data collected from the fixed and mobile noise monitors surrounding Gatwick Airport. The group also discusses potential locations for siting future noise monitors. The findings of the group are provided to NaTMAG for ratification.