The Noise Management Board (NMB) is a unique body, bringing together representatives from all stakeholders in the management and mitigation of aircraft noise. The membership of the board compromises representatives from various aspects of the aviation industry the Department for Transport, elected representatives of the people and a number of local community noise action groups.


The objective of the Noise Management Board is to develop, agree, oversee and maintain a co-ordinated noise management vision and subsequent strategies for Gatwick Airport on behalf of stakeholder organisations. The main aim of this work is to reduce the impact of noise on the local community.


In 2015, Gatwick Airport commissioned an Independent Review of Arrivals. The review stemmed from Gatwick Airport’s assessment that more could be done to meet the concerns of local communities about noise from arrival and was therefore tasked with determining whether:

  1.  Everything that can reasonably be done to alleviate the problems which local communities are raising is in fact being done, whether this involves action by the airport or by other parties most closely involved – NATS, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Department for Transport or the airlines; and
  2. The mechanisms which Gatwick has adopted for providing information to the local community and for handling of complaints have been fully adequate for the task

The Independent Review of Arrivals Report was issued in January 2016 and one of its key recommendations was to establish this Noise Management Board.

First term achievements

The Chair, Secretary and Community Noise Group members of the Noise Management Board are appointed for a period of three years and the first term of their appointment comes to an end in June 2019.

During the first three years of the Noise Management Board, there have been a number of key achievements.

  • A320 FOPP Modification
  • IMM10 – Instrument landing system minimum joining point change
  • Property Purchasers Information Booklet
  • CDO measurement threshold raised to 7,000ft
  • Airline Briefing Pack

Reports providing further detail of the achievements of the NMB, including the annual updates can be found at the bottom of this page.

In April 2018, it was proposed to undertake a formal review of the constitution of the Noise Management Board to identify and agree any changes to it that may be desirable, so that they may be considered and implemented in a timely manner.

NMB second term 

The review of the Noise Management Board highlighted a number of opportunities regarding improved governance and also the practical aspects of a proposed transition to a second term.

The Committee recommended preliminary changes to the Noise Management Board Terms of Reference to take account of statutory consultation obligations for airspace matters, policy and escalation, and to introduce a vision and mission statement for the Noise Management Board.

Based on feedback received during the review, a dual structure will be will be introduced to the NMB - an Executive Board and a Community Forum. This structure will enable the inclusion of a greater number of community action groups as well as representation from local elected representatives.

Current Noise Management Board activities

The review of Standard Instrument Departures routes


The Reduced Night Noise trial


Reduced night noise trial Q&A


Next steps for the second term of the NMB


Further information

Meeting dates


Independent Review of Arrivals Report, Action plan and implementation report


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