Gatwick Airport’s Independent Arrivals Review was led by industry experts Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake who were asked to provide a fully independent and professional analysis and report. As part of the review, Bo, Graham and their small team engaged with an extensive range of organisations, individuals, Parish, Town and District County Councils and MPs. They also held three interactive public meetings with local MPs which were attended by several hundred people. In addition, they received feedback and comments by email.

The review took over four months to complete and was published on 28 January 2016. The report sets out 23 practical steps that could be taken to improve noise.

Key recommendations

The key recommendations and findings from the review were:

  • To reduce the number of aircraft holding over land
  • To improve use of continuous descent arrivals which would generate significantly less noise, and increase the sequencing and spacing of arrivals
  • To accelerate the modification of the Airbus A320 family of aircraft to reduce the whining noise they make during the approach phase of flight
  • To establish an independently chaired noise management board to oversee joint strategies to deal with noise around the airport
  • To develop a comprehensive online complaint management system

The full Independent Arrivals Review report and executive summary, can be found below:

Gatwick response to review


First term NMB


NMB review committee


Second term NMB