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A key recommendation to come out of the Gatwick Airport Independent Arrivals Review published on 28 January 2016, was to establish an independently chaired Noise Management Board (NMB) to oversee joint strategies to deal with noise around the airport.

This page is dedicated to providing clear and transparent information for our local communities who want to find out more information about the NMB and be kept up to date with discussions and actions from the Board. You will also be able to read relevant papers, agendas, minutes, terms of reference and membership details. 

You can read the noise information booklet, created by Gatwick, to find out more about aircraft noise. This booklet fulfils one of the arrivals review recommendations (IMM04).  

Purpose of the NMB 

The core role of the NMB is to develop, agree, oversee and maintain a co-ordinated noise management vision and subsequent strategies for Gatwick on behalf of stakeholder organisations. The main aim of this work is to reduce the impact of noise on the local community.


The Noise Management Board is made up of a wide range of industry experts and stakeholders. There are 13 seats on the Board, some of which are shared between a voting member and an alternate (back-up) member who have one vote and actively attend alternate meetings. The NMB has representation from the following members:

  • Gatwick Airport Ltd
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • DfT
  • National Air Traffic Services
  • Air Navigation Solutions (the providers of air traffic services in the control tower at Gatwick)
  • Airlines
  • Chair of GATCOM (Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee)
  • East Sussex and West Sussex County Councils
  • Surrey and Kent County Councils
  • The High Weald Councils Aviation Action Group (HWCAAG ) and Association Parish Councils Action Group (APCAG)
  • Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions (CAGNE) and Plane Wrong
  • East Sussex Communities for Control of Aircraft Noise (ESCCAN) and  Tunbridge Wells Anti Aircraft Noise Group (TWAANG)
  • Gatwick Obviously Not (GON) and Pulborough Against Gatwick Noise Emissions (PAGNE)

The Board is chaired by Bo Redeborn and the secretary is Graham Lake. Bo and Graham conducted and wrote the original Gatwick Airport Independent Arrivals Review.

NMB meetings and minutes

On 18 May 2016, the NMB held a planning meeting in order to establish the membership, constitution and terms of reference for the Board. Following this, the first NMB meeting was held on 21 June 2016. 

Below you can find relevant documents from the meetings grouped by meeting date.

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NMB meeting 15 November 2017


NMB meeting 14 June 2017


NMB meeting 5 April 2017


NMB meeting 31 January 2017


NMB meeting 15 November 2016


NMB meeting 7 September 2016


NMB meeting 21 June 2016


Here are the Noise Management Board's Code of Conduct, Community Consensus Agreement and Terms of Reference. 

Gatwick’s Final Action Plan gives details of how the NMB has been established and who attended the initial planning meeting.