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Arrivals review

In response to feedback from some of our local residents and resident groups, we commissioned an independent review of air traffic around Gatwick.


Gatwick has committed to implementing the findings of the review in the Final Action Plan. Below is background to the Arrivals Review and we are also publishing a regular update on progress so far. 

The Arrivals Review IMM-20 recommendation was published on 31 January. Read the report.


Gatwick Airport Independent Arrivals Review was led by industry experts Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake who were asked to provide a fully independent and professional analysis and report. As part of the review, Bo, Graham and their small team, engaged with an extensive range of organisations, individuals, Parish, Town and District County Councils and MPs. They also held three interactive public meetings with local MPs which were attended by several hundred people. In addition, they received feedback and comments by email.

Key focus of the review

The review took over four months to complete and was published on 28 January 2016. Its main aim was:

  • To make sure everything that can reasonably be done to alleviate issues raised by the local community is being done. This includes by Gatwick Airport as well as other agencies closely involved in the industry ie. NATS, CAA, airlines and the DfT
  • To understand if the way Gatwick communicates with and provides information to the local community, including the handling of complaints, is fully adequate. 

Main findings of the review

You can read the full Independent Review of Arrivals and the executive summary here. The reports sets out 23 practical steps that can be taken to improve noise and the key recommendations and findings from the review are as follows: 

  • To reduce the number of aircraft holding over land
  • To improve use of continuous descent arrivals which would generate significantly less noise, and increase the sequencing and spacing of arrivals
  • To accelerate the modification of the Airbus A320 family of aircraft to reduce the whining noise they make during the approach phase of flight
  • To establish an independently chaired noise management board to oversee joint strategies to deal with noise around the airport
  • To develop a comprehensive online complaint management system

Read our press release 
Read the full Independent Arrivals Review

Gatwick Airport's response 

Gatwick welcomed the findings of the review and published a detailed response and proposed Action Plan for the implementation of the review's 23 recommendations. This included the establishment of an independent Noise Management Board, comprising main aviation stakeholders and representatives of local communities.  A planning meeting of the proposed Noise Management Board was held on 18 May 2016.

Following publication of the Proposed Action Plan, Gatwick has now published its Final Action Plan.  This Final Action Plan report reflects the constructive feedback to the Arrivals Review and the Proposed Action Plan that has been received from communities and other stakeholders, as well as the results and conclusions of additional analysis.

Arrivals Review IMM-20 recommendation

This report provides an in-depth review of the activity and progress of the Gatwick Arrivals Review Final Action Plan published in June 2016, in response to the Independent Arrivals Review.

A range of activities and a substantial amount of work has been undertaken by Gatwick, industry stakeholders and the Noise Management Board (NMB).

Progress so far includes:

  • reduction of noise disturbance from aircraft using Gatwick;
  • improved quality and transparency of information available;
  • the access available to communities;
  • active engagement with aviation stakeholders.

Read the report in full.

Community engagement  

On 26 April, we held a community engagement event. Below we have published the presentations made by Gatwick Airport, the CAA, easyJet and NATS at the event:

Gatwick Airport presentation
Civil Aviation Authority presentation
easyJet presentation
NATS presentation

Below you can find a series of correspondence between both Sir Roy McNulty (our Chairman), Stewart Wingate (our CEO) and Sally Pavey, Chair of CAGNE, which we have published in the spirit of transparency and sharing of information.

CAGNE email to Sir Roy - 10 March 2016
Sir Roy reply to CAGNE - 31 March 2016
CAGNE letter to Sir Roy - received 7 April 2016
Sir Roy reply to CAGNE - 11 April 2016
CAGNE email to Stewart Wingate - 19 April 2016
Stewart Wingate reply to CAGNE - 20 April 2016 
CAGNE email to Sir Roy - 8 May 2016
Sir Roy reply to CAGNE, including meeting minutes - 16 May 2016

Bo Redeborn bio

Amongst other current activities, Bo is an independent member of Gatwick’s Environment, Health and Safety and Operational Resilience Committee. From 2011-2014 he was Principal Director Air Traffic Management in EUROCONTROL and, before joining EUROCONTROL in 2009, he was Manager Air Traffic Management and later Manager Air Traffic Management Support and Development in the Swedish CAA (LVF).
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