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Sustainability reports

Sustainability reporting, incorporating our environmental targets and community commitments has been an integral part of our business for many years.

Our goal

We are committed to a responsible Gatwick that strikes the balance between environmental impacts and the social and economic benefits of the airport, managing and reducing our impact on the environment. 

In 2010 we launched our Decade of Change strategy which set targets across all key sustainability areas including community and local economic commitments, energy consumption, water use, waste, carbon emissions, air quality and public transport use - all for us to deliver by 2020. Every year we report on how we are progressing against our targets.

Decade of Change report 2017

This year Gatwick has become the first airport to achieve a Zero Waste to Landfill accreditation from the Carbon Trust, as well as being recertified as a Carbon Neutral airport.

Sustainability report 2017Innovations helping us to grow sustainably include installing 100% LED runway lights, saving one million litres of water in our valet parking car wash, and introducing financial incentives for airlines using quieter aircraft. 

Top line improvements from 2017 are:

  • 10% reduction in annual carbon emissions from fuel and energy
  • 5.0% drop in annual energy consumption per passenger
  • Zero untreated operational and commercial waste to landfill
  • Continued operation well below annual mean air quality limits for both NO2 and PM10
  • 56% of Gatwick employees from local area and £132.8 million spent with local suppliers
  • 40 community events sponsored and 173 local causes funded 

Read our 2017 Decade of Change report  (1.7KB)
We have also created a summary version of our Decade of Change report 2017
Read our Carbon 2017 overview (500KB)
Read our 2017 Community overview (1MB)
Five Year Biodiversity Action Plan report 2012-2017


Exceeding our ambitious environmental and community-focused targets has been a priority for us...I would like to thank every member of staff and our wider Gatwick Family who have all helped us to achieve our targets...we will be announcing some more exciting initiatives in coming months.

 Stewart Wingate, CEO, Gatwick Airport

Our reporting programme also looks at our performance against our S106 Legal Agreement commitments. We produce 10 action plans which are closely aligned to our Decade of Change targets and legal agreement.

Our targets and achievements are are independently verified by external consultants who endorse our performance against past targets and validate the targets and objectives that drive our goals in the year ahead.

Annual performance reports

Each year our reports called Decade of Change look at the progress we have made since the launch of our current strategy in 2010. Prior to this our reports were known as sustainability or corporate responsibility reports.

Issue by issue we set out our approach, performance and plans through to 2020 and give an update on how we are against each of our targets.

Previous reports

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