We could generate £8.4 Billion for the region by 2028

Boosting Local Business

A strong Gatwick supports the growth of our region's economy. This attracts new diverse investment and industry to the area.

A clear identity for our regional economy is key as we recover from the pandemic. We've looked at other airport regions to see how they promote themselves and attract investment.

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This research is a baseline for us to use in our work with local business groups and stakeholders.

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Our strong recovery equals

222,000 primary school places

By 2028, our economic value to the South East could equal 222,000 school places.

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71,000 nurses

By 2028, our economic value to the South East could equal 71,000 nurses.

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or 56,000 police officers

By 2028, our economic value to the South East could equal 56,000 police officers.

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We're looking forward to boosting the local economy

We can do this by making better use of our existing runways.
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We could generate £8.4bn for the region by 2028

A strong Gatwick supports our local region to grow and diversify. This attracts new and start-up technology and green industry to the area.

Read our Economic Value Report – view as PDF

A further report published by Oxera shows how a strong Gatwick could create £8.4bn in gross value added by 2028. Passenger forecasts in this report were prepared in November 2020.

Read the Economic Impact Report by Oxera

Our Case Studies

Heron Painters

Painting and decorating company based in Horsham, West Sussex. Heron have worked at Gatwick for 35 years.

By working with us, Heron have developed their expertise in fire retardant paints, and now offer access to equipment hire at short notice. These services also benefit many of our airport partners.

Prior to COVID-19, 80% of Heron's work came from Gatwick based businesses.

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A creative agency based in Handcross, West Sussex. We have worked with Storm12 since 2016. 

Their latest project was to improve passenger signage in our South Terminal. This large-scale project involved refining and developing pathways from every gate to the flight connections service.

Prior to COVID-19, Storm12 attracted 10-20% of its business from Gatwick.

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A Fire Protection Specialist based in Kingswood, Surrey. We have worked with KPFP for over 12 years.

KPFP holds our fire safety maintenance contract and also installs new fire safety equipment. This includes sprinkler systems, dry risers, hydrants, fire hose reels and extinguishers.

Prior to COVID-19, around 50% of KPFP business was linked to Gatwick.

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Our Decade of Change


Find out how we support the regional economy

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Zero Waste

We send zero untreated waste to landfill

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Let's look forward, together

Our sustainability policy - the Decade of Change takes us to 2030
Second Decade of Change to 2030

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Our support for local causes

We have a strong programme of community investment. We support a range of initiatives and events across Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

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Our education programme

We inform, inspire and invest in young people and we open up the world of opportunities to everyone.  We offer help in developing the right skills for the right job. 

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Our decade of change

We're working hard towards being the UK's most sustainable airport. We've set ourselves ambitious goals, which include reaching net zero before 2040.

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