Our sponsorships

We've sponsored over 200 community events since 2015

Connecting with our neighbours

We sponsor a range of local events that bring people together. We sponsor events like festivals, carnivals, awards and local sporting events. It gives us an opportunity to connect with our community.

We also partner in a range of events across the South East. Larger events and initiatives include youth activities, National parks and pride events. This allows us to play a positive role across a wider area.

Are you looking for a sponsor for your event? Get in touch, email our community team. We sponsor events that are inclusive and accessible to all.

Are you looking for a sponsor for your event? Get in touch

Our community work forms part of our sustainability policy

Sponsoring local events forms part of our sustainability policy - our Decade of Change.

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Our sponsored events include

in Bloom

In 2019, we were the headline sponsor for South and South East in Bloom. It's the largest horticultural campaign in the region and involves hundreds of communities.
By taking part, communities create lasting improvements to their local environment.
Read more on South and South East in Bloom

Veteran Car Run

For several years we partnered with the Bonham’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

Our support enabled the event to pass through the heart of Crawley High Street and help promote the town centre. Thousands of residents and visitors attend this annual event.

Read more on the Veteran Car Run

Brighton Marathon

We enjoyed three years as a main partner of Brighton Marathon.

We supported youth participants by waiting the entry fee and thereby increasing donations to Cancer Research UK.

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Flying the flag at Brighton Pride

In 2018, for the second year in a row we sponsored Brighton Pride's Community Parade. Our branded bus led the parade through the city alongside 150 airport colleagues.
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Gatwick Fun Day

Our ‘Gatwick Fun’ day event is free and offers families a host of exciting activities. Get up close with the vehicles and equipment used on a daily basis. Meet the airport Fire Service, Airfield Operations and our Engineering teams.
We partner with the Gatwick Aviation Museum to host this fun day for local residents. We've run this free event for several years. Over 3000 children, families and local residents turned up in in 2018 alone.
We've had to pause this event due to COVID-19, but watch this space. We're hoping to bring it back from 2022.


About the Gatwick Aviation Museum

Packed full of history, the aviation museum gives an up close experience to history. They host a unique collection of British aircraft and engines, from the First World War to the 1970's.

Our long term sponsorships


We support the team of volunteers that operate SERV across Sussex. They transport blood, blood products and other urgent medical items to the NHS.

Read more on SERV


We're a Founder Patron of Croydon’s new Legacy Youth Zone. This £6.5 million facility provides support for young people aged 8 to 19.

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We have partnered with the Miles without Stiles programme in the South Downs. The aim is to increase the number of wheelchair accessible walking routes.

Read more on Miles without Stiles
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Our Charity Partners

Our charity partnerships support passengers and local communities. We've raised over £1 million for charity since 2015.

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Our work with local schools

In 2019, we hosted 24 school groups at the airport. We support initiatives that promote careers in STEM - science, technology, engineering and maths.

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Our support for local business

Our Economic Value report says a strong Gatwick could generate £8.4bn for the South East by 2028. That's the same as 50,000 jobs or 70,000 nurses.

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