Future plans

We have set out plans to make the best use of our main runway and bring our existing standby runway into routine use Find out more and read our master plan

Long-term plans

We have published our master plan which sets out how Gatwick could develop to meet demand in the most sustainable way over the next 15 years while ensuring operational resilience .

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The story so far

We’ve redeveloped our North Terminal, re-built and opened Pier 1, invested £80 million into Pier 5 and completed terminal moves of our three biggest airlines.

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Capital investment

We will invest £1.11 billion over the next five years, with £274 million planned for 2019/20 alone. We are also committed to exploring how to grow sustainably, while supporting the local and national economy, improving facilities and continuing to transform services for our passengers. 

Read our 2019 Capital Investment Programme