Our Future Plans

We're looking forward to bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use

We're confident about our recovery

We're looking forward - as we set out our plans to bring our existing Northern Runway into routine use.

We propose to use our Northern Runway in dual operations with our Main Runway. Our plans meet all global safety standards.

Our plans would reduce delays, bring new global connections and allow us to grow. We could serve 75 million passengers a year by 2038. Other elements of the proposals include improved airport and highway access. Plus, more landscaping and green planting.

Our plans are a low impact way to unlock new capacity by using what we already have. We will also secure our long term growth, generate 18,400 extra jobs and £1.5 billion for the local area and region by 2038.

Our Northern runway is used for emergencies. Using it alongside our main runway will deliver benefits to the region.While current traffic is low due to COVID-19, we are confident about our recovery. We're taking our proposal forward now; due to the time it will take to gain the necessary approvals. We've also factored in the time it will take to construct and start operations.

In Autumn 2021, we ran a 12 week public consultation on our proposals. While we are no longer seeking feedback on our plans, you can still find all the consultation materials on our Northern Runway page and in our virtual exhibition.

We're looking forward

to boosting the local economy

We will generate an extra £1.5 billion for the local area and region

Find out how our Northern Runway will make it happen

to supporting our local community

We will support 200 community project receiving grants

Find out how our Northern Runway will make it happen

to doing it responsibly

We will reach net zero direct carbon emissions by 2040

Find out how our Northern Runway will make it happen

Let's look forward, together

We have come a long way since we began life in the 1930s. We continue to transform to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We can do this by bringing our existing Northern Runway into routine use alongside our Main Runway.
About our proposals

How we'll deliver our Northern Runway plans

At its simplest, we propose to move the centre line of the Northern Runway further north by 12 metres. This meets global safety standards to operate dual runway departures.
We propose using both runways for departing flights on existing flight paths. All arriving flights will continue to use the Main Runway.
These plans are a long-term investment in our future. The planning process takes several years, as will the time to make changes to the runway. It's our vision of Gatwick in 2030.

Our Northern Runway would be used for smaller departing aircraft alongside our main runway


Our Northern Runway will make it happen Find out more about our plans

Our Decade of Change


£8.4 billion for the region by 2028

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Zero Waste

Zero untreated waste goes to landfill

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200 grants for local projects

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Net zero direct emissions by 2040

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94% of flights use new fuel-efficient planes

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Let's look forward, together

Our sustainability policy - the Decade of Change takes us to 2030
Second Decade of Change to 2030

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Our story so far

We’ve come a long way since the 30s. Read more about our key milestones. From private aerodrome, to the busiest single-runway airport in the world.

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Work is underway to deliver an upgrade to the Gatwick Airport station. This will make it easier to access and improve passenger experience.

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Our Net Zero Transition

By 2019, we reduced our overall carbon emissions by 54% (vs. 1990). In 2017, airport operations were certified carbon neutral.

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