We send zero waste to landfill

Our circular approach to reduce waste

We collect waste from around 2,000 bins across the airport every day. This covers our terminals, offices and car parks.

We aim to reuse or recycle most of it, convert the rest into energy – and send zero to landfill.

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Towards Zero Waste

Our goal to 2030

By 2030, we aim to repurpose all materials used at Gatwick for beneficial use. 

Zero waste is one of our sustainability goalsThis forms part of our sustainability policy - our Decade of Change.

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This includes recycling operational, commercial and construction waste.



Donating items no longer in use. In 2020, we donated over 100 laptops to local schools to support home schooling.



Convert waste to fuel for heating and transport, including at our onsite biomass boiler.

recycling liquids at Security

We work with our airport partners DHL and Sweeptech to collect, separate and recycle both the containers and the aqueous liquids from the over-sized liquids that passengers turn in at Security.


Recycling Champions

We have an network of champions who work with our retail, cleaning and waste partners. They share best practices to reduce waste and increase recycling.
We provide regular performance information to help our partners improve.

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£8.4 billion for the region by 2028

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Awarded the Wildlife Trust Biodiversity benchmark since 2013.

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200 grants for local projects

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Net zero direct emissions by 2040

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94% of flights use new fuel-efficient planes

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Building towards Gatwick 2030

Find out more about our Second Decade of Change to 2030
Second Decade of Change to 2030