Water efficiency and quality

Our water focus

To reduce water use we focus on preventing and fixing water network leaks. We also include water saving technology in building refurbishments and capital projects.

We collect surface water from the airfield and car parks to treat it. Our long term river biological sampling programme shows that the airport does not have a negative effect on local rivers.

Water is a focus of our sustainability policyWater forms part of our sustainability policy - our Decade of Change.

Read more about our Second Decade of Change to 2030

Saving water at valet car wash

We clean around 18,000 cars at valet parking each year. On average, a car valet with car washing needs 60 litres of water per car.
Our partner, The Airport Valet Company, uses an innovative water recycling system. It collects, filters and reuses the water.
This saves approximately 1 million litres of water compared with traditional methods.

Onsite surface water processing

We have over 50 interceptors tanks in our surface water drainage system. These collect grit, sediment and oil, to prevent them from reaching our local rivers.
Our partner Sweeptech uses a tanker to process the contaminated water on board. It returns only the clean water to the drain. This new process saves in the region of 5 tonnes CO2 per annum.

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Gatwick could create £8.4 billion for the region by 2028

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Zero Waste

Since 2016, we have sent zero untreated waste to landfill

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We fund and sponsor a range of initiatives in the region

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We are committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050

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94% of our flights use the newest fuel-efficient planes

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Building towards Gatwick 2030

Find out more about our Second Decade of Change to 2030
Second Decade of Change to 2030