The Noise Management Board (NMB) is a unique body, bringing together representatives from all stakeholders in the management and mitigation of aircraft noise. The membership of the board comprises representatives from various aspects of the aviation industry the Department for Transport, elected representatives of the people and a number of local community noise action groups.

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NMB Background

In 2015, Gatwick Airport commissioned an Independent Review of Arrivals. The review stemmed from Gatwick Airport’s assessment that more could be done to meet the concerns of local communities about noise from arriving aircraft and was therefore tasked with determining whether:

  • Everything that can reasonably be done to alleviate the problems which local communities are raising is in fact being done, whether this involves action by the airport or by other parties most closely involved, i.e. NATS, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Department for Transport or the airlines; and

  • The mechanisms which Gatwick has adopted for providing information to the local community and for handling complaints have been fully adequate for the task.

The Independent Review of Arrivals Report was issued in January 2016 and one of its key recommendations was to establish this Noise Management Board.

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NMB Activities

The Independent Arrivals Review, published in January 2016, recommended 23 specific steps to improve the management and mitigate of noise from arriving aircraft, and for better community engagement by GAL. In 2017, the newly established NMB developed a Workplan which expanded the original scope of the Review to include departure activities. The First Term NMB Workplan was adopted and progressed through 2017-2019. The Second Term NMB Workplan is now available here.

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NMB documents

NMB meeting agendas and minutes from 2016 onwards can be found in this section. All documents are in PDF format.

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NCF Meeting 3

10 February 2021

NEX Meeting 2

10 March 2021

NCF Meeting 4

11 May 2021

NEX Meeting 3

15 June 2021

NCF Meeting 5

15 September 2021

NEX Meeting 4

3 November 2021

Gatwick Airspace and NMB Public Meeting

2 December 2021