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Sustainability reports

Sustainability reporting, incorporating our environmental targets and community commitments has been an integral part of our business for many years.

Our goal

We are committed to a responsible Gatwick that strikes the balance between environmental impacts and the social and economic benefits of the airport, managing and reducing our impact on the environment. 

In 2010 we launched our Decade of Change strategy which set targets across all key sustainability areas including community and local economic commitments, energy consumption, water use, waste, carbon emissions, air quality and public transport use - all for us to deliver by 2020. Every year we report on how we are progressing against our targets.

Decade of Change 2018Decade of Change report 2018

In our latest report, we show that we are making steady progress against our sustainaiblity targets. We've achieved a 7% reduction in the airport's noise footprint compared to 2017 and a 64% reuse/recycle rate. We also spent £128 million with local suppliers.

We also continue to operate well within annual air quality limits for N02, PM10 and PM25, and have reduced our use of both carbon and water. We continually strive to innovate, and this year became the first airport in the world to launch FAXI - an incentivised carpooling app for our staff. This has helped to save 73,861 vehicle miles.

You can read our full report below, but some of our top line improvements are:

  • Waste: increased waste reuse/ recycling to 64% of all waste, with all empty coffee cups and plastics recycled and zero waste sent to landfill 
  • Economy: employs 57% of staff from the local area and spent £128 million with local and regional suppliers
  • Community: raised £192,248 for charity partners, sponsored 52 community events and funded 162 local causes
  • Biodiversity: secured the Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark certificate
  • Surface transport: saw 44% of passengers reach the airport by public transport
  • Noise: reduced Gatwick’s noise footprint by 7% in 2018 compared to previous year

Read our full Decade of Change report 2018 
Decade of Change summary report 2018
Carbon overview 2018

Our Decade of Change programme combines responsible environmental management with strong community programmes and it has allowed us to grow while also reducing our environmental footprint. We recognise however that more must be done and we will continue to strive in the years ahead on our journey to become the UK’s most sustainable airport.

 Stewart Wingate, CEO, Gatwick Airport

Our reporting programme also looks at our performance against our S106 Legal Agreement commitments. We produce 10 action plans which are closely aligned to our Decade of Change targets and legal agreement.

Our targets and achievements are are independently verified by external consultants who endorse our performance against past targets and validate the targets and objectives that drive our goals in the year ahead.

Annual performance reports

Each year our reports called Decade of Change look at the progress we have made since the launch of our current strategy in 2010. Prior to this our reports were known as sustainability or corporate responsibility reports.

Issue by issue we set out our approach, performance and plans through to 2020 and give an update on how we are against each of our targets.

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