We've gathered up the most commonly asked questions for dropping off and picking up passengers at London Gatwick.

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Are Blue Badge holders exempt from the drop-off charge?


Can I pay the charge whilst still in the drop-off zone?


Can I set up automatic payments?


Can local residents drop off at London Gatwick for free?


Is there an option to drop off and pick up for free at London Gatwick?


What are red routes and why do I need to be aware of them at London Gatwick?


What happens if I do not pay for using the drop-off zone?


What if I plan to be dropped off by a taxi?


What if I use the train station to commute?


What if I work at London Gatwick?


Where can I go to pick up passengers?


Where is the North Terminal drop off zone?


Where is the South Terminal drop-off zone?


Who can I contact for any payment queries I may have?


Why is London Gatwick charging for dropping off?