Andy Sinclair, Head of Airspace Strategy and Engagement

The purpose of our blog is to update readers on airspace related activities and issues at Gatwick Airport and around the local area. We have recently extended the focus of the blog from talking only about  Route 4 to including all other aspects of airspace operations that may be of interest to our local communities and stakeholders.

There is a lot happening this year in terms of public aviation consultations as well as some operational changes and I thought it might be useful to keep you up-to-date on all such activity. I plan to post here every few weeks on the most topical issues, including as work being taken forward by our Noise Management Board.

All previous blogs are at the bottom of this page with the most recent blog first.

Focus on departures

4 July 2017

Many readers will be aware that the initial focus of Gatwick’s Noise Management Board (NMB) was the delivery of the recommendations made by the Independent Arrivals Review. As the majority of these recommendations have been now been delivered, the NMB’s scope of work has been extended to also include  noise issues around aircraft departures. It was agreed at the NMB on 5 April  that the new work plan being developed should define and prioritise work streams specifically focused on departures related issues.

With that in mind, we held an independently facilitated departures workshop with community representatives on 1 June 2017, to give us more insight into departures noise impacts and issues. This workshop built on feedback we had already received through the NMB and other meetings with a number of local community groups and councils. The outputs from these sessions were used as a basis to lead the discussion at an aviation industry workshop whose aim was to develop a programme of work to address the issues raised by communities.

The results of both workshops have been used to prioritise the NMB work plan for 2017/18 which now include both arrivals and departures activities. The workshop output will also help to shape our future airspace planning, for example following up on the CAA’s recommendations on Route 4.

The NMB work plan for the coming year will be formally agreed at the next meeting in September 2017.

Separately, we are also continuing to  monitor the performance of the modified runway 08 Route 5 SIDs towards the east introduced on 30 March 2017. Gatwick is required by the CAA to monitor the revised design for six months after implementation and we are providing track, weather and complaint data to the CAA to help them assess whether the revised design has been successful.

Between 30 March and 31 May, Route 5 was used by 2225 aircraft achieving 99.74% route compliance. We received nine complaints attributable to Route 5 departures. The total number of complaints over the period received by Gatwick was 4438, of which 40 were from the postcode area in the vicinity of the route. For further information please see our Route 5 page.

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