Surface access

Our aim is to make sure that Gatwick has high quality transport links to support our ambition to be London's airport of choice.

Surface accessTo help us achieve our goal, back in 2012, we developed a new strategy called Access Gatwick where the main objectives are to support our sustainable growth strategy and our ambition to be London's airport of choice.

Called, our Airport Surface Access Strategy 2012-2030 (ASAS), it is core in our work towards the delivery of the Government's requirement of sustainable aviation which, in turn, is critical to the long term success of Gatwick. The document sets out our principles, goals and strategies for surface access at Gatwick and is aligned to our 2012 master plan.

Our vision is to:

  • Be the best connected and accessible UK airport, delivering integrated surface transport 
  • Contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the local community and of the UK economy
  • Lead the way for best practice in surface access strategies, with innovation at its core

Of course, our strategy puts the passenger experience first. We look at how people travel and what their needs are and then look at the transport infrastructure and services needed to make it happen. We consider current and future travel options for both our passengers and staff, via all forms of transport.

Find out more about our plans to improve road and rail links.

Alongside our surface access strategy 2012-2030, we will produce a series of five year actions plans. The first plan will be for the period 2013-2017 and this will replace the 2011 action plan. We will review the surface access action plan every three years.

To deliver our surface access vision and provide input to our ASAS, we have undertaken a number of key studies, as well as a vision workshop with key stakeholders in April 2012. We also took into account the results of the Gatwick master plan consultation. Working with the Transport Forum Steering Group we have developed the ASAS and its strategic priorities to deliver three key objectives:

  • Achieve 40% public transport mode share for air passengers and staff by the time the airport reaches 40 million passengers per annum (mppa)
  • Identify feasible measures to achieve a stretch target of 45% public transport mode share once the 40% target at 40mppa has been achieved
  • Achieve a quality service rating of 4.5 (1 is lowest, 5 is the highest) for all surface access transport modes and facilities by the time the airport reaches 40mppa

We've produced a range of documents with more information about sustainable connections: 
Airport Surface Access Strategy 2012-2030 
Surface Access Action Plan 2009

We also have a Staff Travel Plan to help our staff and airport partners in getting to and from work sustainably: 
Staff Travel Plan 2013-2030

On-airport parking is a key component of a sustainable surface access strategy. Gatwick Airport’s interim car park strategy 2017 sets out our plans to increase on-airport parking provision to cater for future demands: 
Gatwick interim car park strategy 2017