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Surface access

Our commitments are to increase use of public transport by passengers and staff, provide sustainable travel choices and reduce the environmental impacts of surface access.

Road and rail links are essential for delivering customer service and a safe and accessible workplace.  Ensuring we have a robust strategy for managing and improving surface access is essential to Gatwick’s operations. 

We have updated our Airport Surface Access Strategy (May 2018) to reflect our achievements over the last five years and to look forward to further improvements over the next five years. The strategy sets out our objectives, targets and initial action plan for surface access at Gatwick, which will be kept under regular review. It is aligned to our master plan and will be updated to be consistent with any future plans.

Our vision is to: 
Provide safe and sustainable access for all airport users, without compromising quality or choice, and to provide for growth while supporting the needs of our local communities, economy and environment.

Our strategy puts our passengers and staff first. We look at how people travel, what their needs are and how we can improve the travel experience, including the use of technology and embracing innovation. 

Our surface access strategy sets new targets for sustainable travel and for how we will work with our stakeholders, partners and the Transport Forum Steering Group to monitor progress and achieve our goals. Among our key targets are the following:

  • Achieve 48% public transport mode share for airport passengers by 2022
  • Achieve 42% of staff journeys to work by sustainable modes (public transport, active travel modes and staff travel provided by employers), and 45% including other sustainable travel initiatives (car share and zero emission vehicles) by 2022.
  • Reduce air passenger “Kiss and Fly” car journeys and single occupancy car journeys by staff.
  • Deliver continuous improvement across our Quality Service Monitor metrics.

Following the publication of this strategy, we will provide regular updates on targets and review and revise our action plans as appropriate. 

You can still read our previous surface access strategy document: 

Airport Surface Access Strategy 2012-2030

We also have a Staff Travel Plan to help our staff and airport partners get to and from work sustainably: 

Staff Travel Plan 2013-2030

Gatwick Airport’s interim car park strategy 2017 sets out our plans to increase on-airport parking provision to cater for future demands: 

Gatwick interim car park strategy 2017