Our Northern Runway Plans

About our plans

We've set out our plans to bring our existing Northern Runway into routine use alongside our Main Runway. Departures would be shared between both runways. The Northern Runway would be used for smaller aircraft, and all arrivals would continue to use our Main Runway.

Our plans also include the development of supporting infrastructure and facilities. These include road improvements, the realignment of the existing Northern Runway, a new Pier (aircraft stands), additional parking and hotels and improvements to the existing terminal buildings.

While we are no longer seeking feedback on our plans, you can still read and download all our consultation materials while we review your comments and continue work on our environmental and modelling assessments. Engagement with statutory authorities and others continues as we finalise our plans, ahead of submitting our planning application.

Dual runway operations

A low impact way to unlock capacity

This video shows how dual operations with both our runways would work. We'd use both runways for departing flights on existing flight paths. All arriving flights would continue to use the Main Runway. This meets all global safety standards.
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Summer 2022 Consultation

In Summer 2022, we ran a 6 week focused consultation on updated road designs; and other updates to our Northern Runway plans.

Read our consultation documents

Autumn 2021 Consultation

In Autumn 2021, we ran a 12 week public consultation on our plans to bring our Northern Runway into regular use alongside our Main Runway.

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our masterplan

Our master plan sets out how we could develop to meet demand in the most sustainable way over the next 15 years while ensuring operational resilience.

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About the Planning Process

Due to the scope of our plans, it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. We will need to apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to build and operate it.

For more info on the DCO planning process:

Visit the Planning Inspectorate website